Quickly Learn 3 Ways How To Get Popular On Facebook

Writing a good Facebook post that is shareable is easy. It’s even easier to make content go “viral”. Even easier is becoming an Influencer overnight. If you’ve read any of those three statements online, chances are you’re being lied to.

Here’s why: social media, despite what “industry gurus” say, is not a science. All the calculations, scripts or formulas won’t guarantee your success. Especially on a mammoth of a media platform like Facebook.

So, what’s a good way to put the odds in your favour of having your posts read? Let’s take a quick look at three “revolutionary” ways that will set you apart.

1. Tell A Story

Ask anyone who uploads original content everyday: storytelling invites readers to dive in headfirst (and stay there). Human interest stories are big on the internet right now for one reason: they make sales and conversions. Therefore, forgo the “professional” attitude of business and reveal human stories that make people weep or happily laugh.

I first learned this lesson, without knowing it at the time, when my mother lay on her deathbed 5 years ago in January. She fought lung cancer for the previous year – and beat it. But the chemotherapy and radiation took its toll on her immune system, and the winter freeze was too much for her to handle. Since then, I’ve used her courageous battle against lung cancer as inspiration in my everyday life. Whether it’s for a story or interacting with people during personal one-to-ones. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Stoke Peoples’ Fire

People today—no matter where they live or who they are—respond to genuine enthusiasm. In age where content seems to become robotic, automatic and creators post formulaic posts “by the numbers”… anything that stokes peoples’ fire is easy to respond to. Remember: Enthusiasm is contagious.

How exactly do you do that? By getting fired up yourself. No matter what your post is about it – if your behind isn’t on fire as you’re seated, how are your readers going to feel? Reading is a passive act; nobody who’s reading is bouncing up and down in their seats. You have to be the reason their eyes get wider, their jaw drops, and their legs start twitching nervously in excitement. Without this crucial key for permanent engagement, your posts may as well be dead in the water.

3. Buy Comments and Subscribers

The quickest (and easiest) way to get thousands of subs, comments and likes on any Facebook post you have… is… unsurprisingly… buying real comments and likes on your Facebook post. These are comments and lkes from real live people so nothing is robotic or fake. (Meaning you won’t get in trouble with ol’ Zuckerberg and his anti-spam laws.)

Whether you think this is lazy or not is beside the point: everybody worth their salt posts on Facebook every single day. Your readers, subscribers and fans’ attentions are being fought with every single minute. Can you afford to have your posts drown in a sea of failed popularity?


This is just the iceberg of tactics you can use to generate real human interest in your Facebook posts. Our world is changing: people today are focused on human interactions, as our technology fights harder and harder to turn our world into artifice. All of us are alive here – sharing with each other, as we do in our daily lives, keeps us from becoming artificial, plastic people. Doing so definitely paints you in a light better than your competitors Mr. Corporation or Mrs. Superficial.