Oceanfront Living: 9 Coastal Decor Trends Making Waves in 2018

Decorating your beachside home may feel daunting but there are ways you can make your space ideal for relaxation. Creating a comfortable spot where you can make life long memories starts with incorporating ocean inspired design that is functional and looks great. Here are some ways you can add a taste of the sea to your coastal home.

Brass Kitchen

Brass is taking over beachside living. Lighting fixtures that incorporate brass or cabinets with brass hardware will take your room to the next level. Taking a white kitchen and adding brass lighting can add an industrial yet coastal feel. Think about adding brass appliances such as faucets to tie the room together.

Layered Rugs

Natural fiber rugs work really well in beachfront homes. Sand that is tracked inside is hidden easily on this material. To add more depth to the rug, layer more than one rug. The look adds warmth and comfort to any space. Make sure the top layer is one foot shorter than the rug below it on all sides. This style choice is great for when you choose to change up the design of the room. All you have to do is switch out the top layer for a whole new look.

Weathered Wood for Decor

Reclaimed wood walls and weathered wood furnishings add a natural element to your space. Often times you can work with wood that washes ashore near your property. Hang driftwood or pick out reclaimed wood tables. Line the edges of furniture with rope or other nautical features to add to the overall sea vibe. Even gluing rope on the base of lamps adds a touch of the ocean.

Coastal Stripes

Make a bold statement with nautical stripes. You can either implement them into a rug or go big by painting them on the walls. Navy and white stripes work well to create a space that is seaside ready. Accessorize with paintings of your favorite oceanside activities such as sailing or fishing.

Statement Lighting

Coastal chandeliers and unique lighting can serve as the focal point of your oceanfront home. Lighting made out of jute rope, oyster shells, or seaglass can all serve as key design pieces in your home. They can either highlight focal points throughout your space or serve to anchor a room. Make sure you have a nice blend of lighting with floor lamps, table lamps and overhead lighting. One of your biggest sources of lighting should be natural. Allow the sun to shine in through your windows to create an open concept. One way you can expand your space is by decorating with mirrors on the wall. Place them across from windows so they can reflect natural light into your home. This will create the illusion of a larger surface area.

Opt for Natural Flooring

Flooring that comes in a natural color such as timber or sisal works well in oceanfront homes. It is also easy to accent the room with furniture and accessories when you have a natural base. Reclaimed hardwood or wide-planked hardwood also works well in beach houses. Adding rugs or mats can help give the space even more character.

Implement a Coastal Color Palette

You want the inside of your home to reflect the views and feelings associated with the beach. Choose colors in a coastal palette such as shades of blue, green and white. Neutrals also work well to help create a natural feel. For window treatments, choose fabrics that are light and airy. You want to let the sunlight radiate throughout your home. Cover solid floors with natural colored rugs. Wooden floors look best with these textiles and are durable. You can easily sweep up sandy messes at the end of each day.

Ocean Artifacts

Accessorize your home with shells, sand dollars and other ocean artifacts found outside. Purchase vases in ocean tones and fill them with your finds. You can also place items found on the shore in woven baskets throughout your home. Just don’t go overboard. The design can look overwhelming if you incorporate too many natural elements throughout your home.

Relaxed Furniture Indoors and Outside

You want to create a space that is optimized for comfort and relaxation. Implement pieces that are in earthy tones and easy to wash. Look for ways to create a cohesive look as you make your way from the inside of your home to the porch. Have fun seating areas such as hammocks to emphasize the setting. Don’t be afraid to cover seating with slipcovers. Chances are guests will be damp and sandy and you don’t want this to ruin your furniture. Simply throw the fabric into the wash periodically to keep your rooms looking fresh. Another option is to buy furniture covered in outdoor fabrics. Pieces are now made in such a way that you can’t tell any difference between outdoor and indoor textiles.

As you decorate your home, just remember to make it a livable space that emanates a beachy feel. You want guests to be transported to a relaxing place away from the hustle and bustle of busy lifestyles. Keep the listed tips in mind as you make your design choices to provide an ideal spot for easy living.