ICO, FOREX and Online Gambling: Which Is the Worse of Three Evils?

When it comes to taking your chances with your money then there is more to keep an eye on than the multiplying factor. The risk of losing everything scares even the most experienced players so it is essential to scrutinize any high-risk-high-return option. If you do a short search you will most probably stumbleupon ICO, FOREX and online gambling as popular options, all with an enticing appeal. However, even the biggest optimisti with a huge appetite for risk should rationalize any “bet” by considering the downside of each platform.

Light It Up

The euphoria and excitement that is evoked by the platforms restore a lot of hope. Fantasies are created and if you believe in a cloud having a silver lining, you will not be hesitant to try out at least two of this fortune based media. It is because of their merits that such platforms, albeit risky appeals to our deepest senses. So what exactly is the catalyst for ignoring the risk for the different platforms?


You will find excellent rationale when it comes to initial coin offering, a wave that has surged the interest from masses. This has been due to the value attached to the altcoin that is speculated to rise after the offering has closed. With a chance to have units that will allow for transactions to occur, a lot of people drool on the impact this will have in the future and although such prospects are not guaranteed, the coins impress as a decent investment.

The coin also aims to offer the utility and security and is thus more of a versatile token that has created a ripple when it comes to demand. For this reason, the ICO has been considered a mode of crowdsourcing, and a new world have been created. The very regiment of this offer is not confined, and the accessibility of taking up such an offer is for everyone. It is for this sordid reason that most investors take a portion of wealth and put it in the altcoins hoping beyond hope that the seduction will burn even after years.

The Other Side of the Coin

The risk inherent in ICOs emanates from the lack of regulation as with other cryptocurrencies. Regardless of the huge profits reaped with the coins, governments are reluctant on embracing their adoption in the society. As such, this does not guarantee its increase in value in the long-term and the currency could turn the tables.


This mode of making money through speculation in the fluctuation of one currency relative to another has amplified accounts in the past and continues to enrich many. The ability to track such changes has been crucial as trends in the market and any information thereof are seen to follow a random fashion. There is some element of remarkable opportunity when it comes to forex trading. On understanding the rule of the game, substantial profits can be made based on just a few fundamentals of the market behaviour. There is also an element of borrowing money to help you invest through the leverage found in forex forums.

The Demerits of FOREX

The establishment of a solid strategy does not warrant full success rates. There is a DNA for opulence from players in the market who downplay the vitality of education. Above everything else, education is a crucial tool when it comes to landmarking and making strides in the forex arena. The sophisticated skill needs ample time to learn the loops and make good of an otherwise tumultuous situation. Further, there is need to maintain an open mind and have a hawk’s eye to trends in the market as this could lead to a shift in the value of the currencies. That said, speculations are fueled by beliefs and opinions that cannot be fully relied on.

Online Gaming

The intensive spreading of online casinos and betting clubs over the web has created an entire army of gamers spending their time and money in hope to win a tidy sum. The ease of accessibility is complemented by the huge variety of online games like those presented at http://onlineroulettewheel.co.uk/.

The shift has clearly affected traditional land-based casinos share as a vast majority of professional players have chosen comfort and solitude to crowded gambling halls. Online casinos have reaped massive earnings without neglecting their passionate players. Almost every day we hear another winning story of an ordinary player becoming a couple of thousand dollars richer.

Each respected online betting or gaming company provides valuable bonuses and that allows the player to start with a substantial sum on the account. A bit of luck and a bit of skill can triple player’s investments. Well, It is risky, but the reward is worth it.

Knots of Failure

The profits that the casino firms make are from the charges in depositing and withdrawing money as well as from the hostility of your fate. The ambiguous determination of outcome has led to spurs of manipulation which leads to a situation where trust on the system falls short.

With a possibility of bugs, holes and tricks, security breaches are on the rise and players’ accounts can be hacked. To address the elephant in the room, your stake may drift to the unexpected side without any plausible explanation.

The Verdict

Three platforms have changed conversations, and their implementation of technology is revolutionary. Making a sensible decision would need considering the downsides of these channels and taking risks responsibly.