Factors truck businesses should consider before buying insurance

Insurance is one of the many expenses truck businesses experience. The key to being successful in the logistics industry is to keep the expenses at a minimum. Even if buying insurance may seem like an extra cost, it helps businesses save money in the long run because it protects them in case of legal issues or accidents. It’s not advisable for truck companies to skimp on this expense because accidents can happen at any time. 

If you’re managing a truck company and have to buy insurance, consider the following factors


Standard certification is an essential factor to bear in mind when buying any kind of insurance for your business. Industry-standard certifications are essential because they help you separate reliable providers from other companies offering policies. You can find information about the provider’s certification on their website, but you can also contact one of the representatives to ask for further details. Apart from certification, you should also check the ratings to determine if good financials back their policies because you want to ensure that the provider can pay the damage in case of an accident. 

Settlement and claims

Filing a claim for an accident and recovering the amount you spend to fix the damaged vehicles or cover other expenses are two separate things. You can easily file a claim with the insurance company; however, the recovery process can take a while and require some effort on your part. Before buying insurance from a company, check how fast they solve claims. 

Type of policy

Insurance companies offer numerous kinds of insurance for truck companies that vary according to the requirements of the buyer and the services the insurer is specialized in. It’s easy to find out what policies a company offers because they list them on their website, where one can compare their features and determine which one suits their interests. 

Alongside the classic types of insurance, all businesses get, truck companies also need bobtail insurance. You can learn what is bobtail insurance online or through your insurance provider or agent.


Read the policy to identify the general and specific coverage it provides and determine if there are possible exclusions from the terms and conditions. Read the paperwork before signing it because the devil is in the detail. You need to know what types of cargo, route options, and other similar aspects the insurance policy covers.            

The condition of the fleet

The premium applicable for your insurance policy is determined by your fleet’s condition. Supposing you use expensive and luxurious trucks or vehicles, expect the premium to be high because it’s supposed to cover the expenses for the pricier property. 

Customer support

Customer support is an essential factor to check when buying services like insurance. An efficient system can tackle your issues and manage your queries and claims quickly and efficiently. You want to collaborate with an insurance provider that can assist you at every step, from the day you purchase the policy until it expires. 

Here are the most important factors you should consider when you buy insurance for a truck company. 

Written by Lara Harper