LinkedIn Job Search Tips and Tricks

LinkedIn can be extremely helpful for your job search and there are many ways to use this social network in order to boost your job hunting process. More and more job openings are being posted on LinkedIn these days and recruiters often use this network to reach out to prospective candidates.

A new survey by LinkedIn reveals 85% of all new jobs are landed via networking, so being highly networked is important for both job hunters and recruiters seeking them. In addition, many users network and connect with people in the same industry which is also helpful. Are you sure you are using the full potential of LinkedIn to help you look for a new job?

It’s crucial to take the time to craft a persuasive profile, add connections, and effectively use them to assist with your job hunt. It’s also significant to give back and if necessary help your connections and give advice. In other words, LinkedIn is not only about asking for assistance but more about building connections and networking. Read our advice on LinkedIn job search tricks and how to best use this social networking site to enhance your job search.

Create and Update Your Profile

If you want to have more chances to be noticed and contacted by potential employers, you need to make sure your profile is complete and updated. LinkedIn is like an online resume that has lots of additional features and bonuses. So, experienced job seekers polish their profiles to provide potential recruiters with detailed information and grab their attention.

In other words, the way LinkedIn profile writing service do it is they create a catchy headline, write a detailed summary and professionally list your achievements and skills to enhance your profile and help it attract the HR manager’s attention. More than that, adding the links to your online portfolio or website may strengthen your profile even more.

Find Connections

Having more connections in your network means having more chances of finding people who may aid in your job search. Recruiters often look for referrals from their workers to fill new openings before showing up a position to the masses, so an employee from a company can refer you as a prospective candidate and boost your chances to stand out.

One of the best LinkedIn job search tips is not to try to connect with everybody. While many people would like to have numerous connections, don’t rush for the quantity. Make sure your connections are people you know well and who work in the same industry. Don’t try to connect with everybody – the target is to establish and maintain relationships with people you are planning to reach out to and who you are connected with.

Use the Job Hunting Options

LinkedIn job search app is a great opportunity to search for new existing jobs. You can start your job hunting process using the “Jobs” tab and search by country, keyword, or zip code. In addition to that, the Advanced Search Option allows you to refine the search and look for new positions by your experience level, date posted, job function, specific location, industry, and company.

You can also get emails about the new openings and save your job searches if you want to come back to them later. If you click on certain companies you will be able to find even more job postings as the majority of companies post the information about new positions on their LinkedIn pages. Take your job search to the next level using LinkedIn.