Is Facial Reconstruction Right For You

Facial reconstruction is a surgical technique used to reduce the appearance of aging, remove scarring, and eliminate wrinkles. Through special techniques, your surgeon will be able to give your features the perfection you’ve always desired. 

Facial reconstruction might also be a good option for those who have suffered traumatic events, such as burn victims or cancer patience. With such significant damage to the face, the best option to consider is facial reconstruction to give your face the glow it once had or features you additionally would like to have. 

There are two types of methods used to perform facial reconstructive surgery.

  1. Flap Techniques
  2. Skin grafting

A specialist in facial reconstruction in Scottsdale can help you understand all the outcomes and risk factors associated with facial reconstruction. 

Reason to consider facial reconstruction

  1. Loose skin – The person who wants to remove loose skin or wrinkles could be a candidate. This technique will give a new look to the face for those who have skin folds that look unattractive or look older than their age.
  1. Traumatic condition – If a person meets an accident and damages the skin of the face, then this technique may help the patient get a better look.
  1. Cancer – The person who underwent bone or skin cancer treatment that affected the look of the face can opt for this method to change the appearance of the face to look good.
  1. Reconstructing lost muscle tone – When face muscles lose their tone, it looks saggy due to gravity or the loss of collagen fibers beneath the skin. Muscles of the eyes, neck, cheek can be altered and reconstructed by tightening these muscles to change the appearance of the skin.
  1. Self-confidence – By opting for a younger appearance, this method can help in giving an advantage in both the career and social life. This technique also helps in reducing the signs of aging and gives confidence both physically and mentally.
  1. Scarring – Suppose the person is dealing with severe scars or damage to the facial bones that cause disfigurement. This method will help improve the appearance, giving the person a negative impact over the years.

The person undergoing facial reconstruction needs to follow some rules that are beneficial for decreasing the reappearance of an older look.

  1. People need to take a diet rich in high protein and calories.
  2. Avoid lifting heavy objects for a minimum of two weeks.
  3. Avoid getting hit on the face or neck.

Written by Barbara McGee