Instagram is the new shopping platform: Make the most of it

The internet is becoming a more exciting place with each passing day. Not only you can connect with people from all around the globe through the internet, but you can actually develop professional relationships, grow your business and now can even sell your products and services. Through the help of e-commerce, you can sell your products to anyone in the world at any time. E-commerce in simple language means dealing with business through large networks on the electronic medium namely the internet. Social media can be an excellent platform for this purpose. The massive fan the following one has on their active social media accounts can be utilized into converting into potential buyers. Almost every major brand and company today not only recognizes this potential market but is gradually and actively participating in it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such social media giants could be your ticket to promoting and selling your products. Here is how you can convert your social media account into an online store for your potential buyers.

Instagram and its followers

Instagram is the latest major name to join the social media trends. What started off as a photo editing and sharing app among family and friends, have become one of the major platforms across the world with millions of users logging in every day.It might come as a surprise to you as for how an app that was meant to take selfies can work as your e-commerce platform. Well with millions of followers logging in every day, why shouldn’t you use this for your business? Instagram has already introduced the business profile along with its regular individual profiles.

These business profiles come with certain unique features like business insight and online store feature. You can take advantage of this shopping feature to sell your products online. Instagram is a visual content based platform and provides space for videos and photos to feature on your profile timeline. With enough well designed and eye-catching ads and promotional pictures, you are sure to attract a lot of followers over time. All you have to do is stay committed to your quality and have patience. With enough faith from your followers, you can be sure of gaining a lot of potential customers in the long run.

Why should you consider Instagram as your e-commerce store?

Setting up a separate online store can be a hectic task. Not only it will take a lot of time, but also it’s quite expensive given you have to buy domains and set up a different website to set up your store. Also getting traffic to the site if your brand is relatively new is another task in itself. With Instagram, if you can get enough regular followers and get them hooked, you can be sure that your products will sell like hot cake. Also, it’s free. Now, of course, there are options for you to buy followers and promote your profile through paid promotions. But you need to remember always that organically promoted profiles gain more trust. Also, if you know how the Instagram SEO functions, it should not be too difficult for you to gain an enviable amount of real Instagram followers in no time.

How to set up your Instagram profile for e-commerce purposes?

Just like any other social media platform, Instagram has its own set of rules and algorithms that you should keep in mind while Instagram remains a visual media sharing platform and with properly detailed and visually attractive content you are sure to gain a lot of followers. If you are a social media junkie, then you will know about the latest features that Instagram has introduced. And for the ones who are still not that updated, then follow this article. Also, the fans of the visual media sharing platform can find something new to know from this.

The first thing you need to do if you are planning to sell products through your Instagram profile is uploaded a picture that features at least five different products which you plan to sell. When a follower or potential buyer will come across your post and click or tap on it to view the products, the link will show up at the bottom of the photo. Also, there will be tags that will feature each of the items that you have put up for sale. Then when they click on those tags, they will visit the page which will feature all your products with their complete descriptions and also any other special offer or accessories, if any, along with the product.


With so many Instagram followers and users, it might be hard to track down your traffic. This is where the Instagram shopping feature comes to rescue. It not only provides a chance for you to be able to sell your products online but also gives you a statistics on which product gets more sold and who are your potential customers. You get vital data regarding what age group are your major buyers and from which area they mostly belong. You also find out which products are more in demand. Now, this type of information is gold for any business. If you are not yet utilizing the full potential of Instagram and underestimating it as just a social media platform, then you are missing out a lot. Social media is here to stay, and it is going to change the face of marketing and e-commerce forever. Instagram could be your ticket to get ahead of your competition.