How To Make Your Party The Talk Of The Town (For All The Right Reasons)

Everyone enjoys throwing a successful party or birthday bash, but all too often, parties can end up dull and a little difficult to get everyone to gel with each other. With little crowds or groups forming in each corner of the room, you may have stressed out over how to get everyone to have a good time together. If you have ever fallen victim to being the host of a lacklustre party, then this article is definitely for you. Platinum Snap, Sydney photobooth hire specialists, know a thing or two about throwing a party, so they have shared with us 7 helpful tactics that you can utilise to make your party the talk of the town – and for all the right reasons too. Read on to find out more!

  1. Choose A Funky Menu

Often times, people stick to a rather dull and predictable menu when it comes to throwing a party. We all love a sausage roll or two, but in reality, such appetisers and foods are nothing that anyone is going to remember or talk about next week. When it comes to picking a great menu for your party, think outside the box. Whether it is hiring a personal sushi chef who caters to everyone’s preferences or creating an exotic tasting menu for all your guests, keep the grub or entire dining experience unique and one of a kind. This way, those delicious customised California Rolls that your guests chowed down on will be talk of the town long after your party is over.

2. Hire A DJ For Your Event

Instead of having to spend loads of time creating playlists that you (hope) your guests will rock out to or fumbling through changing songs when you should be enjoying your party instead, hiring a DJ will rid you of this excess burden and ensure that your guests will be constantly exposed to an aural orgasm all night long!

3. Hire A Photo Booth

We love a selfie or two – and we know you do too! When it comes to throwing a banging party, hiring a photo booth is one of the best and most exciting things you can do for your guests. Hired photo booths come with customisable options and props, so they can match any themed party you may be throwing. Your guests can have a ton of fun taking silly photos with each other, and are rewarded with a little selfie souvenir at the end of the night.

4. Hire A Mixologist

Canned Beer and clumsily poured Jim Beams and Cokes are so last year – if you really want your party to stand out, then it’s time to be out with the University Party drinks and in with some classy and exotic cocktail mixes. Hiring a mixologist to head the bar at your party is a fantastic addition to any event, and with a mixologists expertise on crafting amazing cocktails that will suit all tastes, we’re sure that your guests will be (responsibly) drinking their way to ecstasy.

5. Have Activities On Hand To Ward Off Boredom

When it comes to an unsuccessful party, many complain that one of the reasons they do not have a good time at an event is due to boredom. Since you are only one person and will be unable to keep everyone entertained all at once or strike up a conversation with 30 people at once, it is a wise idea to have some activities on hand to ward off boredom. Whether it is a simple yet cheeky game like Cards Against Humanity or iPhone Pictionary, ensure that there is something for someone to do at all times so that they don’t feel dull or left out from the fun.

6. Cut Out The Party Poopers

As harsh as it may sound, we all know a couple of party poopers. In order to ensure that your party goes on smoothly and without any drama or strife, consider only inviting enthusiastic, happy people who are willing to have a good time. No one likes a party pooper, and your party definitely will benefit from keeping them at a distance.

7. Take It Easy

Last but not least, the key ingredient to throwing a successful party is to keep calm, breathe and take it easy. Stressing out over every single thing is only going to cause your anxiety levels to soar, leaving you vulnerable to forgetting to do certain things or just having a full blown meltdown before everyone even arrives! Take it easy, ensure that all guests are entertained, well fed and getting along and you’re laughing!


With these 7 expert tips on how to throw one of the best events ever, we are certain that your party will be the talk of the town for all the right reasons for months to come!