How to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction

From parties to fine dining, from acidic food to a tantalizing experience, alcohol is a major provider of a complete experience in many cultures all over the world. As tempting as the experience is, alcohol is extremely addictive and anyone who gets hooked to it and starts consuming it as a necessity can be classified as an addict.

When the consumption reaches this stage, it is important to find ways to rid alcohol from the lives of these addicts, and if you feel that you have this longing for alcohol every time it is not there you might be a victim to this addiction too. This is why you need to be aware of the following ways to rid alcohol of your life.

Consult a Rehab Center

In most cases, if the addiction is still low lying then people do not prefer going to rehab centers. However, these centers are a lot more than the jail they are shown to be; there are qualified doctors and medical attention present there 24/7 for you to seek help from.

There is no shame in admitting that you consulted doctors from alcohol treatment centres because you will be doing a favor for the future of your own well-being and of those who love you.

Decrease Stock

As long as there is some in stock you will be compelled to consume it bit by bit. The simplest and also very cost effective solution of decreasing your intake is to decrease the number of bottles you bring in with the groceries. This will result in you being surprised at how much you were able to save and invest elsewhere over the month.

Keep the progression gradual; start by decreasing one bottle, then two, and you will eventually end up bringing it to a level where it is not significantly harmful to your insides anymore.

Ask a Friend for Help

There is always a barrier of formality and image when talking to family about personal problems, which is why it comes as no surprise that most of us opt for friends to help us out in these difficult times. Tell your friend about how you feel about this growing alcohol problem in your life and that you want him/her to keep a check on you and make sure that your consumption does not increase beyond your resolve under any circumstances.

You will be surprised at how fast you start getting clean again, because this friend of yours will keep your mind occupied with more interesting and important things than the want for drinking.


Get in the habit of drinking soda or fresh juices, drinks which are relatively less or not harmful or addictive at all. It is certainly tougher than it looks but if you keep a strong resolve of substituting your alcohol for better drinks every time you have this urgent need for taking a shot or gulping a massive sip down your throat, you make do with soda.

Once you develop a routine of doing so, your addiction will automatically start to fade.