STDs – Getting Help despite the Barriers of Social Stigma

Sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) are common. It’s just like any other infection that needs prompt medical attention. The moment you suspect you have an STD, you need to visit your doctor immediately and get tested so you can be prescribed the necessary medications to control the infection.

Unfortunately, most people who show symptoms of an STD visit their doctor a little too late. It’s when the pain and other symptoms become unbearable that they gather enough courage to finally see their doctor. And we can blame social stigma for this.

Why are STDs socially stigmatized?

Let’s face it; the main reason why STDs are socially stigmatized is because we are very judgmental when it comes to sex, and this STD-related stigma is an important factor why some people delay getting tested for STDs.

Although some people are very open when it comes to sex, for most of us, sex still remains as something sacred, something that we only share with a partner we love. So when we hear of someone who’s more liberated when it comes to sex, eyebrows are raised and the gossip mill becomes busy; when something bad happens to that person, like catching an STD, you can guarantee that there will always be self-righteous remarks and hurtful comments made about that person. Naturally, all these negative comments will hurt the person if these get back to them.

Not only will this social stigma not help the infected person, but it is also very counterproductive. Instead of seeing their doctor immediately for help, they tend to hide their symptoms, thinking that it will go away in time. They’d rather not know what’s wrong with them because they fear the social stigma attached to STDs.

What to do if you suspect you have an STD?

It’s important that you see your doctor immediately if you develop signs and symptoms of an STD. If STD-related stigma is what’s preventing you from getting the help you need, know that there are discreet ways you can get tested.

Ecommerce platforms for medical services are becoming very popular nowadays. These sites give you direct access to different laboratory clinics and testing centers in the country by allowing you to order lab tests online without having to visit the doctor. Not only are you given the opportunity to choose a testing center based on its laboratory test prices and proximity to your location, but in most cases it is 100% confidential as well.

Moreover, you can also choose not to use your health insurance if you don’t want it to reflect on your medical record. You can simply pay using your credit card, check, PayPal, and money orders. Once you’ve placed your order, simply present your receipt to the testing center. It will only take a few minutes to get your blood sample. Your result will become available in one to two days’ time and sent to you electronically.

Don’t let your fear and anxiety stop you from getting the necessary STD tests that you need. Ecommerce platforms that provide direct access testing can help you a lot.

Of note though, if your tests came back positive, then there’s no other way but to give your doctor a visit so you can start receiving the necessary medications to fight the infection. You should also inform your partner of your health status so your partner can also get tested and treated for STDs.