How to Get a Green Card to Work in the U.S

So what is a Green Card, and why would you need one to be able to work in the U.S.?

How does one get a Green Card?

The Green Card entitles the person to stay, live, as well as work in the U.S. This is valid for ten years and then should be renewed. After 5 years as a legal permanent US resident, the Green Card holder may apply for American citizenship. The Donald Trump regime has revoked the issuance of permanent resident permits until December 2020 with a few exceptions.

Definition of Green Card

A Green Card is officially known as the permanent residency permit or USCIS Form I-551. It is termed as a Green Card because of the green paper that has been used to make the original card. When it was initially released, the card had many colors and was updated several times, but it was still recognized as the Green Card.

Types of Green Cards for Employment-Based Immigrants

People seeking the Green Card for employment may apply through their native country when the migrant visa code is issued that is arranged based on the below employment preferences (E.B.):

First preference (EB-1)

People with unique skills, distinguished scholars, teachers, scientists and foreign executives are designated for permanent residence on the first preference. People can give proof as to why they ought to get first preference.

Second preference (EB-2)

Advanced trained students or outstanding skilled staff. Which also contains foreigners participating in an exemption of a country’s interest, that is a visa designation petition which anybody can apply with if they already have a company job offer.

Third preference (EB-3)

Competent workers and specialists are qualified for a 3rd Visa. Employees are expected to get at least two years of professional experience, and typically qualified students from academic institutions.

Fourth preference (EB-4)

The below special immigrants can apply for Fourth Visa of Preference:

  • Special Youth Immigrants
  • Religious workers
  • Broadcasters
  • G-4 International or NATO-6 Workers and their families
  • Members of armed forces
  • U.S. International workers Governance Abroad
  • Specific Physicians
  • Employes of Panama canals
  • Iraq and Afghani translators
  • Iraq and Afghan citizens who received U.S. assistance with the Faith Service Operations

Fifth preference (E.B.)

Individuals qualifying for fifth preference permit include foreign entrepreneurs who’ve been able to invest around $500,000–$1,000,000 inside a company that generates at least ten new job opportunities for American citizens or even other legal permanent residents.

Green Card through Employment

Do you want to know how to get a Green Card? The following are the four specific ways of acquiring this through employment:

Job offer

After getting a contract proposal for employment in the U.S., a person can request for permanent residency.


Respected individuals with unique abilities may file for a Green Card or special entities who are issued a waiver of national interest.


A person who is setting up a business project that generates new employment in the United States may request a Green Card. This will potentially fall into group EB-5.

Green Card Special-Category

It includes employees in known specific categories of immigrants, like broadcasters, foreign staff and certain spiritual workers.

Green Card Lottery

This is one of the ways on how to get a Green Card. Another incentive for prospective immigrants for becoming legal permanent U.S. citizens is the yearly Green Card Lottery competition (publicly the diversity migrants visa system). The system runs every year and offers green cards among individuals who are chosen at random through a lottery method.

To qualify for the lottery, applicants must have at least a secondary school degree or a minimum of two years of commercial job experience.

Avoid Scams

You’re not going to get an email informing you of securing a United States visa. Furthermore, no other agency or private enterprise is allowed to inform DV applications. Search online for citizenship status.

All emails regarding visa applicants would be received from an email address with “.gov,” which is the authorized email account of the U.S government. Any email received that does not end with “.gov” must be deemed suspicious.

To stop spam, specifically, refer to U.S. agency websites that end in “.gov.”


Most people want to know how to get a Green Card. It is important to browse online and visit the government website for information. It will save you from scams.

Written by:
Barbara McGee