How the best photo lab online has changed the photo gifts concept

Once upon a time, photo-related gifts were all about mouse mats, mugs and other relatively common items.

Now, the landscape has changed terrifically. If you were to be taken to the best photo lab online, you’d soon see that the variety of gifts is far more. In other words, the mugs and mouse mats still exist – but so do a whole lot more items.

To highlight our point more, let’s take a look at some of the more interesting photo-related gifts that are available from most of the better retailers now.

Charm bracelets

Let’s start with one of the more interesting additions to this space; charm bracelets. In truth, it’s only fairly recently that major jewelers have got in on the charm act, and if you were to walk down the street you’d see countless females donning the bracelets in style.

However, the fact that you can now buy a charm with one of your own photos is something entirely new.

They are by no means a substandard gift either; many are made from gold or silver-plated brass which certainly adds a degree of sophistication to them. Additionally, it’s easy to attach multiple photos to a bracelet; they attach just like a standard charm that you spot in the jeweler.


If you thought the previous suggestion was out of the ordinary, wait until you read about this one.

Sure, we’ve been used to seeing customized cushions over the years, but some retailers are now allowing your photos to be printed on blankets.

Suffice to say, the effect is very impressive indeed and is a welcome addition to the photo-related gifts range.

Photo stockings

Next on the lift is a gift which might be a little more expected, especially when you consider the fact that kids have been creating their own stockings for years.

The notion that Christmas stockings with personal photos on them have become commercially available is interesting indeed though. A well as the photo, there are usually additional designs that can be added, while their name is also embedded to make the stocking even more personal (and ensure that Santa is delivering to the right person!).

Compact mirrors

Out of everything that we look at today, it could be said that compact mirrors are one of the more “ordinary” ideas. That’s not to say they are a bad idea though – on the contrary.

Particularly now they are being created with a touch of elegance, it appears more and more people are turning to a photo version of the compact mirror.

Christmas ornaments

On the subject of the festive season, Christmas ornaments are another one of those more recent ideas that are proving popular in the photo space.

Generally, they come in the form of spheres, although some retailers have now released more creative shapes which can certainly add something extra to your tree. Additionally, text can be added to the baubles, which also provides that sparkle of charm.