How Event Planners Can Do Their Part for the Environment

The environment has been a hot topic for a number of years now, but with the U.S. recently pulling out of the Paris Agreement it seems to have hit a fevered pitch in interest and discussions. It’s not just individuals looking to do their part for the environment. Companies are also looking to go green and cut their energy usage where possible.

If you happen to be in the business of event planning and you are looking for greener measures to instil at your events, you may be pleasantly surprised at the various options available. So, before finalizing plans on the next big event, you may want to consider using some or all of these measures to help ensure the event is as green as possible.

What is a “Green Event”?

In case you are curious about what exactly a green event is, it’s one that strives to reduce the carbon footprint left behind. Green events tend to be inspiring and have a very positive message to them, which can help to make the event a bigger success.

Any type of event can use this method of planning, including weddings, parties, corporate gatherings, and conferences. The size of the guest list and the type of event shouldn’t be what dictates whether it is green or not.

Start with a Green Venue

The best place to start with the planning process is the venue itself. Ideally, you want to look for a green venue so that you know right out of the gate it’s going to reduce the carbon footprint. Where it used to be somewhat difficult to find these types of venues, today it is becoming easier and easier, especially since these venues tend to advertise the fact they are green.

Some of the things that can make a venue green are using certified organic materials for towels, solar panels, energy efficient windows, low energy heating and lighting, and the use of sustainable materials to build the venue itself.

If the venue happens to be an outdoor one, you can offer green facilities such as what you’d find through Satellite Industries. By providing on-site portable toilets and restrooms, you know that there won’t be any mess left behind at the site itself, so you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment.

Make Sure the Message is Clear

To be truly successful in holding a green event, everyone needs to be on-board. You can do this by promoting the fact that your event is green. This encourages and inspires guests to adhere to your wishes and keep things green.

Promote Recycling

Because events cause waste, it’s important to make sure the proper recycling bins are placed throughout. This will encourage people to recycle rather than throwing everything in the trash.

Work with Green Vendors

If you need to work with vendors for the event, be sure to look for those who are green vendors, and who also use environmentally sound methods and products.

Easy Once You Get Started

While it may seem daunting planning your first green event, you’ll find that the process gets smoother and faster as you go and you’ll have the added benefit of knowing you’re helping out the environment.