Getting A Good Lawyer for Your Injury Claim

It is essential to know that the at-fault insurer or their lawyer will not easily yield to your settlement request. They are in business and want the most out of their investment. They may try to lower the value of your claim, deny it, or even deny your claim. Having a skilled personal injury lawyer on your corner will increase your chances of getting fair compensation.

Referrals Can Help You Get the Right Attorney

Use your resources by asking people who you know for a referral. You probably know a family member, a colleague, a neighbor, or an acquittance that has been in your situation or something similar. Talking to them about their experiences with their lawyers can give you an idea of which lawyers would fit your case best. 

If you do not have anyone to ask, you may seek help from your local bar association or lawyer referral sites. Most bar associations or lawyer referral sites cannot refer lawyers unless they establish their reliability. 

Track Record Matters

After getting referrals from the people in your circle, the next step would be narrowing down your options. Some of the things you may want to establish are the track records and the reputation of the lawyers or law firms on your list. 

Additionally, you may want to ensure that your lawyer of choice has good standing with the local bar association or has ever had disciplinary issues against them. After all these considerations, you should be down to two to three options.

Visit Their Physical Office and Determine Payment Options

Once you have narrowed down options to two to three, the next step would be visiting their office. While it is possible to have a feel of what a law firm has to offer by visiting their website, visiting in person is a good idea. By visiting, you can judge whether an attorney is a good fit for your case by how they treat you or how organized they appear to be.

Understand All the Charges Involved 

Most attorneys offer a first free consultation, so you do not have to worry about the consultation cost if you want to visit a few law firms. It is important to ask about their payment options during your visit to ensure that you get a good deal. Also, ask to know all applicable fees upfront to avoid being surprised with hidden charges later.

Most lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee basis means you do not have to pay the lawyer until they win your injury case and you recover compensation. Typically, the contingency fee should be at most a third of the value of your compensation, although the figures may vary from one lawyer to the other.

Getting the right attorney can be a daunting task, with so many in the market boasting their expertise online, on TV ads, and on billboards. But having excellent marketing skills does not mean that a lawyer is a good fit for your case. “Being a great advertiser and being a great lawyer is not correlated,” cites Lone Star Injury Attorneys. This is why it is important that people do their research and carefully select a lawyer to represent them.