Five Ways to Escape the Urban Bustle

Relax and take a deep breath. That is what your co-workers tell you whenever you feel overwhelmed by work. The sad part about this is that being told to relax actually does nothing. And this isn’t because your multiviatmin pills or that cat poster telling you to “hang in there” aren’t working.

The problem is the environment itself.

Whether we like to admit it or not, high stress levels have always been influenced by our surroundings. Urban living has been closely tied to exhaustion. Day by day, we struggle to meet deadlines, queue up in subways lines, and avoid rush hour traffic. Everything in the city has the potential to drive just about anyone insane, and it doesn’t help if you attend regular Yoga sessions. No matter how rejuvenated you feel, you still have to struggle inside the concrete jungle.

If relaxing on your desk doesn’t help what will? Well, you can always take a week off and venture outside of the city. Going on a journey out of town has its merits, and it certainly will help you cope with your urban nausea.

Here are some of the most important tips that will help your make your urban escape worthwhile.

Go on a roadtrip

If you have been a motoring junkie all your life, chances are you get your ultimate high by hopping in your car and go to wherever the road takes you. If you’re not caught in rush hour traffic, driving your car becomes a therapeutic activity. It helps you empty your mind and feel at ease, especially when there are no buildings higher than 15 feet on either side of the road.


We all know how exhausting hiking is. But for nature lovers and for those who have been glued to their swivel chairs for a long time, going up a mountain or walking through a forest offers a great way to spend your time outside of the city. You get to encounter life that’s undisturbed from the noise of machinery and transportation. Instead, you are treated to an otherworldly charm you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Take a plunge

If you’re not a mountain person, you can always schedule a trip to the nearest beach. Better yet, you can always travel to a remote island where you can have a cocktail of sun, surf and sea. Besides, the sea offers a great deal of opportunity to kick back and relax. More importantly, taking a plunge in your favorite swimming attire completes the experience. You will come home rejuvenated, like a newborn!

Settle down in the country

If the urban bustle is too much for you or if it has resulted in very serious conditions, then you might want to drop other options in favor of living in a rural town. Many people who have had enough of the city life have chosen to find new homes in the countryside. And this for the best reasons. If you plan on retiring early and opt for a simpler life, you can actually look for a piece of property online and start your escape plan from there.