A Blockchain Powered Life Assistant: Crypto-Angel.Com

Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two major technologies catalyzing the space of innovation and bringing out radical shifts in every industry. Each year, new companies are coming forward with revolutionary ideas and Crypto Angel is the new buzz in the digital currency market. It is a blockchain start-up with an objective to utilize artificial intelligence to improve human thinking and the decision-making process. By using AI’s assistive role to understand your intentions, Crypto Angel predicts moves in the market accurately even before you are aware of it. Crypto Angel is developing an independent future advocate system.

The Objective

Crypto Angel is a virtual life guide powered by blockchain technology and AI to enhance human intelligence and the planning process. Personal assistants like Siri and Cortana are similar, but Crypto Angel aims to create something way more scalable and powerful. As the ecosystem is blockchain powered, the developers can upload their individual models for training in a decentralized way. The primary objective is to have a single central intelligent model named Master Mind, with endless possibilities.

The Master Mind will also introduce a mobile app for users to set personal goals and the app will help you achieve the goal through clear steps. It will serve as your private consultant whenever you need. The idea behind the system is to use the endless possibilities of AI to assist users and enhance human intelligence.

About the ICO

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Crypto Angel starts from February 24, and the total number of the issued tokens will be limited. The Angels are the digital coin based on the Ethereum blockchain as per the version of Ethereum token contract (ERC20). During the event, Angel will issue 70 million tokens, and investors have to buy a minimum of 50 Angel tokens to take part in the sale. After the sales, the price will automatically rise, and with 1 ETH, you can buy 1,000 tokens. However, investors will receive discounts of 30% in the beginning, and it will be 20% after the decided number of the tokens has been sold. After the sale of 30-45% of the Angel tokens, you will get a 20% bonus on the price. When 45-60% of the tokens are sold, a discount of 10% will apply, and once the sales reach to 60% of the total planned tokens, then onward there will be no more discounts on the price.

Structure of Master Mind

The Master Mind system has developed in a way that all participants function independently from each other while still being connected through the Crypto Angel blockchain. The ecosystem offers a competitive environment where participants compete among themselves to deliver their best possible value to the platform. In this way, Crypto Angel provides a scalable system crafted to incentivize all users in the network and manage the performance through a compensation model.

Popular artificial intelligence domain experts are crowdsourcing the Crypto Angel platform and combining with incentive structures that will lead to the sustainable growth of the system. External developers in the ecosystem are a deep learning framework that enables developers to create in-depth learning models. It is a Python-based library that also supports other languages like R and C++.

Using the AI technology, they aim to create a system that collects data from users and creates a personal database which in turn will enable the application to solve their problems. The major function of the AI will be to identify and recognize information and patterns, and the blockchain helps Crypto Angel in verifying, identifying, and recording this information. Creating the Crypto Angel ecosystem is one of the primary goals of the company.

Business potential

The crypto mind is all set to revolutionize the world with the powerful potential of artificial intelligence in new ways. The company will provide a framework to users as a vital tool to develop AI models, offer data training, and to contribute to its development, all in return for the Angel Token. The brain behind the Master Mind system is the standard AI and decentralized application having neural networks. The app has AI models divided into subsets where each model has value for the end user.

Master Mind aims to build an environment that is smart enough to understand users’ intention by putting intelligence in the blockchain. Users can interact with AI technology directly through the mobile app, and it has an answer even to the most complicated problem the user may face.

Crypto Angel can be a significant alternative investment for everyone regardless of whether you use Angel tokens or not. The startup is a brilliant idea, having the potential to achieve success if the ICO goes well. For the same reason, Crypto Angel is a safe investment, and you will never regret doing so.

Fund utilization

The funds raised from the sale will be used for developing the Crypto Angel network. Out of the total, 40% of the funds will go to the core engineering activities, another 40% goes to the operational and administration programs, 15% goes to the legal and regulation sector, and the final 5% will be used for promotion and marketing.

The core engineering and development includes the development of the blockchain platform and its components like smart contract systems and the end user application. There are some legal costs associated with the legal and privacy protection and for the registration procedures with regulators.

The Team Behind Crypto Angel

The people behind the projects are blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency experts who used to advocate Bitcoin since its start. Viadan Podjanin is the co-founder and infrastructure lead at Crypto Angel. He is also a cryptocurrency expert with an experience of over ten years in designing, building, and implementing IT systems for enterprises. Another co-founder is Stefan Jovanovic who is also a full stack engineer at Crypto Angel. Apart from these two, ten other members handle various sectors.


Crypto Angel, the blockchain powered startup, is a result of the advancements happening in the world of AI and blockchain technology. Basically, it creates a system where your life experiences will be recorded to the blockchain to process it for future use. The business model of Crypto Angel will use Angel tokens to pay for the services and to reward people who offer services in the network.