First Responders: Keep Your Stations Organized

The bell rings violently and chaos stirs. Lights are flashing and boots start running for the trucks. Another important call for the brave first responders comes in. When time is of the essence and lives are on the line, the most important factor holding your station together is organization. An organized fire station can respond in seconds, rather than minutes. Time wasted searching for equipment could lead to dramatic losses–both in life and property. Not only does gear need to be organized properly, it must be held to the highest standards. In any high impact environment, materials, machines, and tools can burn out quickly. By staying one step ahead of possible breakdowns, any fire station across the United States will be ready for the call.

When dealing with a group of people, it’s incredibly easy for protocols to slip from the proper discipline. Not necessarily from negligence, simply from disorganization and confusion. Fire and Rescue equipment is highly specialized and also quite expensive. To ensure the longest life of the tools needed, keep everything perfectly organized. Trucks must be fueled and ready to roll. Hoses have to be rolled tight and ready for use. When it’s time to go–they’ve got to go quickly!

When it comes to keeping smaller items organized, consider hanging them in plain sight. Aluminum slatwall placed on the existing wall provides an easy way to keep all of the little things in order. Simply add a few hooks, and you’re in business. Instead of fumbling and searching when the alarm strikes, the team of responders will know exactly where the gear is. From helmets hung up to gloves tacked onto slat walls, having items in one space on the wall is the best idea.

Fire safety equipment is built to be tough, that’s for sure. With any type of high-impact machinery, it’s imperative to keep the things in working order. Even if the use is sporadic, the need to keep equipment in check is always present. It doesn’t matter if it’s the air level in the fire truck tires or the status of the high-pressure water pump–they must always work on command. Could you imagine a vital function failing at the time it’s needed most? When it comes to fire safety, there are no second chances. Each day on the firefighting frontline is faced with gigantic responsibility. All first responders should pride themselves on their readiness for any dangerous situation.

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks. When it comes to safety there’s only one solution and that’s sheer perfection. Most first responders spend their days training for the unthinkable, ever ready to defend and protect life and property. The heroic actions of just a few protect all of society. Sure, accidents happen and equipment can fail due to engineering design. To combat this fatal flaw, ensure everything is tested at regular intervals. The difference of having working or broken equipment could mean the difference between life and death.