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Everything You Need To Know About Digital Banking Solutions

It is essential to know that the banking sector in India changing rapidly than ever before. The quick technology advances are completely changing the mode customers do business and interact with the bank. The retail customer of your bank is highly vocal, networked and informed.

They also expect a range of banking experience and personalization that is in balance with the latest digitally focused businesses. Along with this, customers are also willing to change loyalties for acquiring that. If you want to retain and acquire customers now, you need to have a comprehensive insight, create deeper connections and drive continuous personalization and innovation in both experience and offerings. As the leading banking solution suite, Finacle empowers the banks across several nations to achieve the success. Apart from that, it also helps you to drive the new development avenues by controlling the digital distraction.

The specialized features of this solution suite make it as the most leading retail or digital banking resource in this industry. The most highlighting feature of this solution suite is that it consists of an array of solutions. They are specialized created solutions that address a comprehensive array of needs of the digital era retail banks. It is smart to pick the right or any grouping of these solutions for powerful the digital transformation of your bank at the own pace. Here is a list of digital banking solutions as follow:

Online Banking

It is the omni-channel enabled business-class online banking solution. It is unified solution ideal for large enterprise, retail, and SME customers. It is also differentiated by the advanced architecture and comprehensive coverage of this solution.

Omnichannel Hub

It is the enterprise-class channel management option that enables consistent and seamless banking experience across different channels. By using this solution, you can centralize the business processes and channel rules for accelerating the introduction of the new channels.

Mobile Banking

It provides a secure and spontaneous banking experience for both the corporate and retail consumers. It is created according to 4 tenets of customer centricity, business class compatibility, agility, and multi-modality.

Core banking

It is one of the most leading banking solutions proven to aid banks to improve the operation efficiency and agility, while considerable enhance the client experience. Finacle provides the componentized and comprehensive banking solution for powering the digital transformation approach.

Direct Banking

The specialized designed solution is very comprehensive for the banks to service, track and acquire customers directly without physical presence by forcing the overall power of mobile, online, wearable and some other channels.

Digital Wallet

This Finacle solution provides an intuitive, convenient, feature-rich and simple payment experience to the customers. It supports the different business that includes telecom providers, retailers, NBFCs, and banks.


The advanced business payment service platform helps modernize the business. It also enables the financial institutions to manage and design workflows, gain better operational efficiencies and optimize the processes.

Mobile Teller

It is a comprehensive solution used for bankers to address every activity at the branch with some designated workflows.


The advanced analytics banking solution integrates data models as well as new-age open source technologies of banking to quickly deliver and develop the actionable insights.


As one of the digital banking solutions, it let banks to deploy the blockchain based servicesquickly for different business requirements.


Finacle provides the integrated front, back-office and middle treasury solution which covers the complete deal life cycle for an array of capital and trading markets products.

Islamic Banking

It provides an array of useful Shariah-compliant financial resources which conform to the Islamic ethics and contractual mechanisms which bind them.

Wealth Management

This modular and standalone system is ideal for retail and private banks. It provides comprehensive coverage facility across twelve asset classes that help banks improve the level of financial products and bring customers freedom of option when creating the portfolios.

CRM Solution

It is a multilingual, web-based and modular customer centric application that enables banks to quickly deploy the CRM functionality for the competitive differentiation.

Finanz Tools

It engages the customers of the bank with the personalized product illustrations.


The best-in-class business loan origination solution simplifies the entire credit lifecycle across commercial and retail loans.


It empowers the banks for providing the multi-channel alerts to the customers regarding events and transactions recorded by the diverse enterprise system of the bank.


It helps the banks cater to the youth with finances and learn banking along with increasing experience.