Effective Tips for Parallel Parenting

The concept of parallel painting is widely used by individuals who have been divorced or separated but want to parent their children through limited contacts and interactions. 

This parenting method is helpful in cases involving domestic violence and highly conflicting relationships where there is no possibility of maintaining healthy conversation regarding the children. Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC law firm can help you pick the best option for parenting after divorce. 

Co-Parenting vs Parallel Parenting – What’s the difference?

The very concept of co-parenting involves cooperation and healthy communication by both sides. But in some instances, it gives opportunities to toxic individuals to abuse their ex-spouses and past partners. To combat this problem, parallel parenting is used to prioritize the well-being of children by taking safety measures and reducing conversations with the other parent.

It helps in distancing ex-partners without causing harm to the child and letting kids have their time with both parents. This helps prevent abusive conduct by setting necessary boundaries between both partners. The primary purpose of parallel parenting is to facilitate the emotional well-being of both partners while taking care of the child’s needs and requirements and protecting them from experiencing any conflicting situations. 

Here are some helpful tips which must be followed by partners practicing parallel parenting to ensure that the process is done smoothly. 

Draft a parenting plan

To avoid conflict, it is suggested to be well prepared and detail-oriented in creating a parenting plan. This helps in reducing the chances of arguments and thereby minimizing contact and communication between the partner. A well-drafted parenting plan helps reduce stress in the family and ensures that everyone is safe and on the same side. The parenting plan can include the time of visitation dates with the child and the duration. It can also involve canceled visits and their handling by both parents, as well as a preferred method of communication. The plan helps in discussing the amount of time the parent will be visiting The child and which parent is responsible for the doctor visitations and other functional works of the child. The plan can include the division of Financial requirements and responsibilities of the child and the limitations of both parents.

Hire a mediator

If there is too much conflict and bitterness between you and your ex-partner, there is an excellent chance that you will not be able to handle parenting on your own. In such cases, it is ideal to hire a professional mediator as they help make decisions and reduce disagreements between ex-partners through effective mediation. Appointing a mediator can help prioritize the needs of a child without compromising your personal space and safety. 

Avoid communicating when it is not necessary

Make sure to hold minimum conversations with your ex-partner and document every interaction so that you have proof in case your partner decides to mistreat or abuse you. 

Written by Spencer Calvert