Did you know these 5 incredible Wonder Woman facts?

2017 is quickly shaping up to be the year of Wonder Woman. Battling it out on the silver screen in her very own feature film starring Gal Gadot, the DC heroine is now the talk of superhero fans everywhere. And rightly so – this character has one of the richest and most interesting back stories of any comic book hero period. Browse through her extensive appearances in the DC universe and popular media unearths some incredible facts about Miss Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman – here’s 5 of our favourites facts:

#1 She wielded Thor’s Hammer

Because she just couldn’t kick enough ass could she? Nope, she had to go and be one of the only beings in existence that can actually wield Thor’s mighty weapon Mjolnir. The event occurs in the 1996 DC and Marvel crossover issue which saw Wonder Woman able to lift the hammer with ease. However, she discards it due to the perceived unfair advantage, eventually losing to Storm in battle.

#2 Wonder Woman has only ever appeared on the silver screen once before

Yep, Wonder Woman, despite her rich DC history has only ever appeared one time on the silver screen prior to the 2017 flick. And that was during the 2014 Lego Movie (it wasn’t even that significant a part). It’s incredible that it took more than 70 years for one of comic books most iconic heroines to hit the cinemas. But it’s true.

#3 She’s done her fair share of killing

Superman and Batman, two of DC’s finest have always had pretty clean hands when it came to the taking of lives. Wonder Woman on the other hand is quite the different story. Being an Amazonian warrior and the Goddess of War, you would expect her to have a slightly violent streak – and it is indeed pretty violent. Pop quiz time: how many people has Wonder Woman killed? No less than 15 – she’s even killed Batman in an alternate timeline!

#4 Wonder Woman has been banned for not wearing enough clothes

In 1942, the National Organization for Decent Literature suddenly blacklisted Wonder Woman’s book Sensation Comics. Slightly bemused by the ban, the publisher wrote to the bishop in charge of the organization. To which he replied – Wonder Woman was inappropriately dressed. We are curious what that bishop would have said about Lynda Carter’s attire in the 1980s Wonder Woman TV show…

#5 She’s dated Superman

Well, briefly anyway. It was announced in 2012 that Superman would start getting romantically involved with the Queen of the Amazons in the Justice League comics – and many of the fans found it cute. However, it was also panned by critic – claiming that the romance was incredibly stale. We imagine that the Lois Lane fandom kicked up a pretty big stink too.