Website Design Flaws That Can be Identified With the Help of Top Web Designers

Finally your website is up and running. The web design is top notch but you are not getting the kind of traffic you expected. Could it be that your web design is missing the following elements? Check them out and incorporate any that is missing.

Reliable Website Navigation

Have you ever encountered a site where you couldn’t access their information?  Now put your potential client in the same situation. They would easily leave your site for another where they can get the information fast. This calls for your navigation bar to be easily accessible and from there the client can quickly get directions to what they need.

Have the top web designers in New Jersey enhance your site to be user friendly and simple. Broaden your headlines and enclose several subtopics for the users to smoothly find the information they are searching for.

Responsive Web Design

Effective web designs are responsive to various devices including PCS, tablets, and smartphones. Hence, your leads will be able to access your site from any device they are using. This accessibility should not only be enhanced to ensure your website fits accurately to the various mobile gadgets but your clients have a productive experience. This will keep them engaged for longer durations on your site.

Engaging Website Photography 

Clients certainly interact with videos more than texts and it’s the reason why businesses add images to break the monotony of texts. However, if you add too many pictures and videos, your site will look cluttered and your clients may feel overwhelmed while trying to get the information they need.

Have a balance between the visuals and texts you incorporate in your web design. For example, after posting a video, have a text below that clearly explains other services. This also keeps your leads engaged.

Effective Landing Pages

When potential clients visit your site, they are looking for information. The more reason your copy should be good and updated.  Use engaging words and have all the necessary information about your business. Poorly worded content illustrates the quality of your services.

Choose a copy that aligns perfectly with the style of your site as it enhances consistency.

Call To Action 

You have an engaging web design and the traffic is growing steadily, what’s next? Conversion. Have a conspicuous call to action button that leads your clients to the next step of action. For example, if your design has black, green and pink, use the pink color for the CTA button. This color will immediately capture the attention of your clients and convert to excellent results.

Webpage Load Speed

The test of patience while waiting for a page to load is unnecessary. As much as your website has important information and web design is excellent, it’s all of no use, if the page can’t load quickly. Eventually you lose your potential clients to your competitor.

Use tools on Google to check speed range and make adjustments promptly. On the other hand, hire the services of a digital company. Which gives you the benefit of having more time for your business while enjoying the benefits of a faster loading page.

The Best Web Designs  

These flaw identification techniques are a good start, but the best website designs also include well written copy, receptive images and texts, fast loading speed, and have an engaging site that will automatically convert to positive results in the long run.

Written by Barbara McGee