Things Every Rolex Owner Should Know

Let’s face it, Rolex is nothing like the ordinary watch brands, in fact, Rolex is a whole another universe when it comes to the watch world. Out of all the other brands, this one comes with excellent quality that can never be questioned and this brand is respected all over the world.

Now, if you are a watch fanatic and love to wear Rolex, then there are a few things that you might find interesting about this brand.

1- Rolex has it very own science lab

It sounds crazy yet interesting for a watch brand to have a science lab of its own. However, all these years Rolex has given us the best possible quality of watches and time too so this isn’t very surprising for a brand this big to own internal research and development department. The best part is that there isn’t one science lab of Rolex in fact, there are several labs that they use for all the testing and research. You can say that Rolex is a one obsessively organized manufacturing company that takes all the tiny bits of a watch very seriously which is the reason why you can always expect the best from them.

2- They make their own gold

We know it’s shocking to know that a company makes its own gold but well, it’s true for Rolex and they have an in-house foundry of their own that makes all the gold for them. As far as the steel is concerned, well, they have different small suppliers for that, and the platinum is also made by themselves. Around 24k gold comes to the company, and then the manufacturers turn this gold into white, yellow and rose gold. What they do is that they use very large kilns to warm up all the gold and the metal and after mixing it properly they then produce bracelets and cases out of it.

3- They test the dive watches individually in pressurized tanks with water

Rolex watches are world famous, and well, they make sure to do everything they can in order to impress their customers with every single edition. One of the most interesting things about Rolex is that their Oyster case watches are all tested for water resistance, and that test is done on every piece individually. They test the watches in an air pressure tank, what actually happens is that they place the watch in a tank that is filled with air meanwhile they keep a check on the pressure, and if they see any changes in the air pressure, it actually means that some air leaked into the case. Each of their Rolex Oyster case watches is tested first and then sent out in the market for sale.

4- There is an army of gemologists that work at Rolex

The world-renowned brand Rolex has a proper army of gemologists that buy, test and arrange the diamonds and other expensive precious stones used in a range of Rolex models. According to reports, there are only two fake diamonds in 20 million, yet they test each and every single one to make sure that their customers are getting the original and the best products.


These are a few interesting facts about Rolex, and there’s a lot more to this brand, if you make some vast research you’ll find out plenty of other things about this world famous brand.