A Guide to Stacking Bracelets Perfectly

Bracelets have always been in vogue, though the only thing that has been changing is the patterns and trends. With the layered look being in for other jewelry such as necklaces and rings, the bracelets are not an exception to this trend. Bracelet stacking is also hot and happening of late. If you are feeling daunted about following this trend, here is a quick guide that can help you stack bracelets perfectly and pull off the look confidently.

How to Start?

Fashionistas, who wish to begin with bracelet stacking, feel daunted by wondering how to start. Start with your classic gold bracelets. Add a few charms and chains to this. If you wish to customize the stack, add some friendship bracelets or personalized bracelets made of beads, cords or leather. You can change the textures and colors seasonally.

Select a Bracelet as the Focal Point

A focal point is the key to any good bracelet stack. The other bracelets accent this main bracelet to form an interesting, textured look. While selecting a bracelet as a focal point, opt for something that you want to emphasize. Once you decide on the focal point, select the other bracelets such that they highlight the main piece without overwhelming it.

Add Accents

While selecting bracelets for accenting the focal point, opt for something that complements it, though they need not match exactly. Try to experiment by mixing up things and get creative. A stack of matching metal bracelets has always been a hit. You can also go for thin chain or link bracelets that fit perfectly between larger ones.

Experiment with Different Materials

Experimenting with different materials and textures can make the stack more interesting. This means that you can choose a combination of two different metals, leather with gemstones, beads with metals or any other combination based on your likes. For a casual look, opt for various metals and multicolor pieces. For a dressy appearance, pair sleek metal bracelets and gemstone pieces.

Use Different Colours

Playing with colors is an interesting way to add a visual interest to the bracelet stack. A single color family for all the bracelets gives an amazing monochromatic appearance. Opt for colors that match your outfit and choose one that stands out for a remarkable look.

Size Matters

Sizing is an important aspect to consider when it comes to stacking bracelets. Consider your wrist circumference. Many women prefer stacking their bracelets low at the hand’s base, while there are a few other women who love a snug fit. You can do the shake-test and ensure that the bracelets don’t fall off. If you are comfortable, you are good to go. If you feel that the bracelets are hanging low, try wearing the smallest from the stack nearest to your hand and keep the remaining in place.

Now that you have the secrets of perfect bracelet stacking, go ahead and give it a try. Expand your existing bracelet collection to get access to more options for your stack.