Working with a dedicated development team: how to do it right.

A dedicated development team is said to bring a bunch of benefits for your software product. You may count on solid cost savings (take into account the infrastructure and overhead money and time expenses needed to increase your local staff), shorter product launch stage, and etc. Luckily, there are dozens of dedicated development services out there, but which one to choose and how to make this model work for you- these are the questions business owners often ask. Let’s find the answers.

Beware: this model does not fit you if you have a short time project and once your budget is extremely restricted. If that’s not your case, it’s time to shed some light on how to do it right with the dedicated development.

How to get started with dedicated development: key steps

1. Find a reliable, dedicated development vendor, which has proven experience and real case studies. It goes without saying, the word of mouth and personal advocacy are the best way to go when you are looking for any services and the software development is not an exception. So, ask for the companies that your partners or colleagues can recommend. When not found, read the service providers reviews on Clutch or similar sites and ensure that the chosen provider is a perfect match for your ultimate product. Don’t forget to pay closer attention to the portfolio and the tech stack the chosen vendor has to offer. Visit the chosen dedicated development agency site and pay attention to the way it works and responds. Typically, if the vendor’s site is easy to navigate and it has a sleek, intuitive design and high performance, you may count on its products boosting the same set of features.

2. Check the communication and project management tools the company you are going to work with can provide. For example, the most common for communication is Skype, Slack, and for project management/administration Jira and ActiveCollab.

3. Get acquainted with the proposed team members, conduct skill tests or hold interviews before signing a contract. Ensure that they:

  • Are experts in their niche
  • Have the tech stack you need
  • Can be really devoted to your project and have one single goal in mind: to create an outstanding product. Choose product/client oriented individuals rather than VIP stars in the tech world.
  • Flexible, friendly and adequate.

4. Make your own list of questions and ask the company to reply. Ensure that your checklist includes the following points:

  • Do they give any guarantees?
  • Do they offer any post-release support and how it will be implemented?
  • What’s their most successful project? (Taking a closer look at this product, its functionality and contacting with its owner for references could be a smart way to go)

5. Include analytics, project management, and quality assurance services in your contract. That will help you run your project in a smooth way, stay updated with everything happening and ensure that you are about to deliver a high-quality service.

6. Divide the project into milestones (small tasks) and check how these milestones are completed.

Final Thoughts

A dedicated development model can bring you solid benefits, most notably awesome time and money savings, innovative, creative ideas, and high-quality, user-tailored product. But don’t forget that working with a dedicated development team requires some knowledge, expertise, and excellent project management skills. Besides, you have to find the proper agency. By the way, we recommend you Artelogic dedicated software development team as it can act as a thermometer for your business. With its decade-plus experience in providing software solutions and outstanding technical and management minds, Artelogic will take an independent look at your project. It is very important to uncover the weak points your product might have and transform them into your strong ones. In that way, it will help you always stay one step ahead of the game.