It’s Great to Botox!

What is the single most terrifying thing that could happen to anyone of us – men and women? What scares us the most as years go by. The answer is no brainer: it is deteriorating looks that make us fee terrified. And of course there is absolutely no pleasure involved in waking up one morning and facing a reflection in the mirror that is totally altered. Yes, at a certain point in our lives we realize that we’ve grown quite old and all the people around us are going to start noticing that.

But let’s get to the very root of the question. What is the single thing that reveals our age? This thing is – undoubtedly – wrinkles and other similar facial lines. These nasty wrinkles seem to exist for one evil purpose – that is, for opening up the truth about our age.

Having to live with wrinkles has made tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of people all over the world very, very sad. Many have reported suffering depression of various forms and extents. But the simple truth is this: worrying about wrinkles has become pointless. Yes, docs and scientists have been working diligently to come up with substances that would solve the issue. And guess what – these people have been quite successful as they have created dozens of treatments that have made the issue of ageing something that could be easily hidden.

Among the great variety of treatments Botox takes up a very special place. There is a reason why this beauty treatment has been so popular – more than 10 million Americans have received Botox injections. The reason behind Botox’s popularity lies in how effective and easily accessible it is.

To elaborate on the last point we’d suggest looking into the following situation. Let’s imagine you reside in New York and are considering getting your very first Botox NYC injections. How can you go about this? The wisest thing to do is to google “Botox NYC” to get exposed to the great variety of Botox NYC options. What you’ll easily get access to is google reviews left by people who have already received their own Botox NYC injections. What you’ll need to do is to check those reviews – you will end up finding out that the most highly rated clinics such as Miracle Face MedSpa are in fact among the best Botox NYC providers.

Now are you wondering if you really should receive Botox injections? If yes, are you having second thoughts about it? If yes, we are here to talk about a few questions that many of the prospective patients keep asking. These questions fall into two main categories – how safe Botox is and how painful it is to get the injections.

Is it Safe, Cause I’m Scared?

Even though the Internet is literally full with articles and blog posts that tell how unsafe Botox is, the truth is different: Botox is as safe as it gets. To prove this we’ll look into Botox’s history as well as how it works.

The substance that forms the basis for Botox injections – Botulinum toxin – was discovered by a German doctor in 1820 by accident. What this implies is that Botox has been around for so long that it was impossible for scientists and doctors all over the globe not to meticulously examine it, perfecting it and making sure along the way that it’s super safe.

Apart from its more nearly two-century history, Botox is very safe because of how it works. Just think about it – the substance is guaranteed not to spread through the patient’s body. Why? Simply because it is injected into the problematic area and forced to remain where it’s been injected.The way Botox works is it just freezes the muscles that are responsible for creating those wrinkles.

All of the aforementioned led the most reputed public health institution in the US – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – to conclude that Botox is very safe. FDA of course came to this conclusion upon performing a number of clinical trials on their premises.

Will I suffer or Will I not – That is the Question?

Another hot question for those who haven’t yet made up their mind about whether to get Botox injections or not is whether injections are painful.

Despite the fact that there are some articles that claim that Botox is painful, the truth is again different – Botox injections are nearly painless. In fact, patients report experiencing pain that is as negligible as that of a mosquito bite.

We are nevertheless aware of the fact that there are still many prospective patients who are scared of the touch of the needle. There is – thankfully – a solution for this situation as well. If you are scared of syringes, just go ahead and ask your doctor to apply numbing or cooling creams to the area that’ll be injected. This way there will simply be no pain associated with your Botox injections.