How To Buy Sunglasses Without Trying Them On First

The global health pandemic has shifted shopping online. Even at a time when the vaccine rollout is proving successful, the Delta variant and general cautiousness have kept many people online. For shoppers, this presents something of a problem. Buying items like sunglasses without trying them on first can be fraught with difficulty. The more you’re spending, the more painful the error. How do you know the sunglasses will suit you? In this article, we will discuss how you can buy sunglasses without trying them on first. 

Face Shape

When you are choosing sunglasses, your face shape is the most important feature you need to consider. Your face size and shape will determine what types of sunglasses will fit your face best. The right fit of sunglasses can give you your own distinctive look, like Elton John or Geordi Laforge. To figure out what sunglasses suit your face best, you have to determine your face shape, measure your face, and match your face shape to the style of sunglasses. 

As a rule of thumb, you should pick sunglasses whose frame is in contrast to your face’s shape. So for example, angular sunglasses belong on oval or round faces. Rounder sunglasses, on the other hand, fit people with triangular or square-shaped faces. Here’s an example of how our rule works. Oval faces are the most versatile face shapes. If you have an oval face, generally you want to get wide frames as broad as the broadest section of your face. This will make your appearance more angular, balancing out the ovalness of your face. 

Some stores even have filter options based on face shape. For instance, Karün Eyewear allows you to zero down on the right sunglasses for you based on your face shape and size. You filter sunglasses by frame, use, and face type. With many stores, you will have some kind of return policy in case you still don’t like your sunglasses. 

Whether you’re looking for glasses for small faces, glasses for oval faces, or some other kind of sunglasses, you should use your face shape as a guide. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality refers to an interactive experience in which the real world is overlaid with digital information, such as images, sounds, and smells. With the shift to online shopping, many stores have embraced augmented reality, enabling their customers to virtually try on their products. So when you’re shopping for sunglasses, look out for stores that offer virtual try-ons. With augmented reality, you don’t need to take a picture, you just need to give the website access to your camera, and the sunglasses are imposed on your face. 

Some people are skeptical of augmented reality but the results are often striking. Augmented reality does a great job of replicating the effects of physically trying out a product. So you can be confident that you will get something that suits your face shape and size. Some stores allow you to simply upload a photo rather than use a camera, but either way, the effect is powerful. When you use your camera, you can try out the glasses and see what they look like from different angles. 

Written by Lara Harper