8 easy tips in choosing home furniture

Furniture takes an important place in the interior, being one of the most important pillars, on which home interior stands. Since we choose furniture for a long time (at least for several years), it should not only please the eye, but also be comfortable and durable.

1) Measure the room

Before buying new furniture make a plan of the room with all the dimensions. On the plan, note where your furniture will stand and how large it should be. The plan can be done both on paper and with the help of special software.

2) Check the overall dimensions of the furniture.

In most online furniture shops, product descriptions include the dimensions of the furniture piece. Match this information with the blueprint you made in the point 1 and check if it fits.

3) The frame of furniture.

Typical materials for the manufacturing of the sofa frame are metal and hardwoods. Frame of the luxury sofas are made of high quality treated wood, that supposed to withstand high loads. Such hardwoods include oak, beech and birch. In all cases, the main criteria for choosing furniture by frame material, it should be made of dried and treated wood, that will not lose it shape with time.

4) Fillers.

While the spring filling is becoming a rare option for modern sofas, the most popular material is rubber or PU foam. Foam with higher density will last longer, and often used as filler for luxury sofas.

5) Upholstery.

For furniture upholstery are used: flock, chenille, jacquard, natural leather and its substitutes. In addition to the pattern and type of material, the upholstery should be chosen according to the following properties:

– ecological compatibility;

– ease of care;

– resistance to sсratches;

– color fastness;

– fire resistance.

6) Quality

Before buying furniture, evaluate its quality. Check reviews, what do people say about the product. Evaluate feedback that people provide.

7) Convenience.

On the furniture you buy should be as convenient and comfortable as much as possible. It should be functional, if possible, have linen drawers and shelves on the armrests.

And one more thing – the furniture should fit into the rest of the interior of the room, but there’s no arguing about the tastes.

8) Delivery and assembly.

Another advantage when buying upholstered furniture is the delivery of it not only to the entrance, but also to the apartment, as well as its subsequent assembly. For example, at NY Furniture Outlets, at extra price can be provided white glove delivery, that means delivery and assembly of the furniture in the room of choice.

Hope, these easy tips will help you to get really good, high-quality furniture that will serve you for many years.