Depression: What is it, Causes, and How to Manage it

Depression refers to a mental condition that alters your mood and functionality. Typically, depressed individuals may feel anxious, sad, and even hopeless. Almost everyone can suffer from depression, no matter their age, social status, and age. It is a condition caused by different triggers. However, it is manageable and should not be left unattended. This is because it can lead to severe consequences.

What are the main causes of depression?

As stated earlier, there are various causes of depression. Depression develops slowly and can even take weeks or even months to manifest the symptoms finally. The main causes of depression include:


Some individuals and personalities are more prone to depression. For example, if you are quite sensitive to criticism, you can easily experience depression. If you have low esteem or like holding in stress and worries, you are apt to suffer from depression. 

For example, if you are undergoing divorce and are stressed, you may experience depression. Failing to hire the right divorce lawyer to help you manage the process can lead to dire consequences.

Illness and health issues

Injuries or illnesses can be a threat to your mental well-being. If you have long-term issues, chronic health, or physical health matters that force you to alter your lifestyle drastically, it can cause depression.

Moreover, other health issues associated with your brain, menstrual cycle, sleep problems, hormones, low blood p[pressure, and menopause can impact your mental well-being.

Medication, recreational drugs, and alcohol

Various medications may pose an unfortunate side effect of getting depressed. If you start using a certain medicine and experience some signs of depression, you should talk to the doctor.

Some people think that alcohol and recreational drugs help reduce stress. But this is not true. In fact, alcohol and drugs can worsen depression. Therefore, you should keep them off to avoid depression.

How to easily manage your depression

There is no one-time medication for depression. Its proper management requires the help of an expert mental health professional. Also, it requires the right medicine, cooperation from family members, and some motivation. Here are a few things you can do to manage depression:

  • Spend valuable time with your family or even friends and share your problems with a trusted relative or friend.
  • Participate in your hobbies to help keep all bad thoughts away.
  • Eat healthy, especially foods that have mood-elevating properties.
  • Exercise regularly as it helps combat depression.
  • Be easy on yourself by setting realistic goals that you can easily achieve without overworking yourself.
  • You can join a group that supports those with depression and be active in their activities and forums.
  • It would help if you kept a gratitude novel or diary to write down the things that make you happy. Document your daily achievements, and you will soon be a happy person.

Final Thoughts

A sad mood and feeling hopeless can be a sign of depression. But you can keep it at bay by exercising, trying your hobbies, eating healthy, and spending quality time with your relatives or friends. Eventually, you will beat depression and live a happy life.

Written by Rida Sheppard