Creating your first LARP character

If you are just starting out with LARPing, it is always advisable to start with a NPC (non-playing character). This way, you can understand the rules and setting of the game, while still enjoying it and understanding how NPCs can influence a game, even with the restrain on their actions.

If you are beyond that stage, it is time to create your own character. Regarded rightfully as one of the most fun parts of LARPing, there are serious considerations to be made when creating a character. Think about the following things while creating your character:

Start with a history

This is the part where you will create the timeline of your character. Who they are, what are their likes and dislike, all these questions will have to be answered now. Additionally, think about the character’s family, and how he is related to them.

It is always advisable to create a timeline that you can share with other players involved in the game. This way, you will definitely not get bored, and will be able to socialise with other more experienced players.

The destiny of your character

Now that you’re done with illustrating the past of your character, it is time to decide what their goals are. It is important to have a healthy mix of short-term goals that you can pursue on a weekend or a day game, and long term goals that will require multiple sessions.

Your goals can be anything from finding allies, defeating enemies, making money, or having a quest that comes from the background of your character. Don’t just stop at setting goals, define how you will pursue those goals and accomplish them.


The costume is one of the most exciting parts of a LARP. There are three ways to get your hands on the elements of your costume:

  • Thrift store- While it is a very cheap option, it requires a lot of searching before you can find something you like. There might be certain occasions where you find something you like, but the product needs fixing, you will have to bring out the creative genius inside you in such cases.
  • Purchase online- Depending upon how much you want to, and can afford to spend on your costume, a myriad of option are available online for larp costumes and larp scabbards.
  • Make your own costume- If you have the artistic bent of mind, nothing would be more satisfying than making your own costume. SUre, it will take up quite some time and will require considerable amount of effort, but it is cheaper than both the other options.

Do not become a lone ranger

As cool as a lone, badass character may sound, those attributes are not something you want in your first character. Doing so will result in minimum involvement in the lore’s story, which equals a boring experience.

LARPing is a social activity, and it is thus best to create a character that can get involved in the game. As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to start doing is to create history that overlaps with other characters. However, if you have already created your character, and are still feeling left out, think about changing some of your goals in order to become more involved. You can also talk to the Game Master to find out ways you can get more involved.

Personality of the character

For beginners, it is always best to have a character that has similar personality traits to you. This way, if something unexpected happens in the game (it probably will), it will be easier for you to adapt and decide what your next move is going to be.

If you are a sucker for challenges, you can even create a character that is different, even opposite of what you are. Doing so will bring more challenges, and in turn, hopefully more accomplishments.

Learn to keep ‘in game moments’ and ‘out of game moments’ separate

If you absolutely must have an out of game movements, it is best to have it outside the game premise. Having out of game moments during a game will create confusion among the players, essentially disrupting the flow of the lore.


It is also a good idea to become thoroughly familiar with the setting of the lore and rules of the game before you join.

Hope you will find this advice useful and will have a lot of fun creating your character. If you have similar advice for the other readers on our website, do share them in the comments below.