An Ultimate Guide to Understanding Fat Grafting

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery experts have a way of making your breasts look more natural and symmetrical. Even after a mastectomy that interferes with your appearance, these specialists can use fat grafting to make you more confident with yourself. The procedure is generally safe, and with competent surgeons, everything will run smoothly. In East Windsor, New Jersey, there are fat grafting specialists you can approach for assistance. The doctors will use the technique in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. By visiting an East Windsor fat grafting, you’ll get guidance on the postoperative measures to observe. This blog post explores fat grafting procedures candidly.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting (autologous fat transfer) involves using your body fat to enhance the breasts’ contours. The specialist will use fat from specific body parts such as the thighs and abdomen during a breast reconstruction procedure to offer you guidance. You’re a perfect candidate for the procedure if you have already undergone full or partial breast removal during a cancer treatment procedure.

Sometimes, the specialists may recommend a combination of fat grafting with flap reconstruction and breast implant. This aims at bringing even more positive results. The other situation which makes you need fat grafting is when you are undertaking radiation therapy which is likely to alter the appearance of the breast. The grafting will cater to the changes which may occur.

What Happens in a Fat Grafting Procedure?

During the procedure, your specialist will be concerned with your comfort hence administer general anesthesia. Then through liposuction technology, they’ll remove fat from specific parts of the body. In most cases, they target the abdomen and thighs. It, therefore, acts as a cosmetic procedure in enhancing your looks around the core.

Afterward, there is proper preparation of the fat to make it fit for breast reconstruction. They then reinject into the target area, and the main aim is to create breasts that are as natural-looking as possible. In most cases, the success of the procedure depends on the blood supply. Therefore, instead of doing the fat injection once, the team will plan several fat grafting sessions. It’s something that helps in achieving promising results if your aesthetic mission is increasing the breasts size.

Benefits of Fat Grafting

One key benefit of fat grafting is using your tissues in rebuilding the breasts instead of using a breast implant. However, the surgeons will use the safest and high-quality silicone implants, but still, they cannot compare with using your tissues. This means a significant reduction of complications that could arise.

Secondly, removing fat from other parts of the body helps in body contouring in a way. It can save you from paying for a tummy tuck, especially when the fat volume is not that excessive.

Cosmetic and breast reconstructive surgeries are much relevant for anyone planning to look greater. The specialist will enhance the appearance of your breasts, especially after a partial or total mastectomy. They use fat from other parts of the body during breast augmentation or reconstruction. The procedure also helps you slim down due to removing fat from different parts of the body.

Written by Lara Harper