6 Ways to get more YouTube Followers

If you’ve got an internet connection, it’s likely you’ve watched a YouTube video today. From the number of views videos of baby’s that make women go awwww and tutorials on how to build your own gazebo get, it is clear that nothing is more attention grabbing than a good video. This makes YouTube a great platform for publicity and online marketing.

What are YouTube subscribers and do you really need them?

To have a base of loyal subscribers is what every YoutTube channel needs. Why? These are the people who don’t just watch your videos because they ‘come across’ them but spend time on your channel and keep coming back to it. These are the people who drive the initial views once your video premiers and contribute towards making the video more discoverable to non-subscribers. Ready to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel? You could either buy YouTube subscribers or try these tips.

Post Engaging Content

Wouldn’t you get bored if the speaker droned on and on without ever interacting with you? It’s the same with videos. It’s essential not only to build good content but also to make it engaging and entertaining. This ensures that your viewers don’t change channels in the middle of a video. When planning your content try planning a mix of evergreen videos that are relevant to everyone and burst videos that give you instant hits.

Make your channel look good

Branding your channel is as important as creating great content. Your channel needs to reflect the style and voice of your company. Spend time designing your channel’s icon and make sure it looks good in all sizes. Also, pay attention to the banner art for your channel. This is a great way to add personality to your brand. The ideal size for a YouTube banner is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Upload Frequently

It takes time to create a good video but our viewers don’t need to know this. Hence, you need to upload good videos more frequently. Remember that people subscribe to your channel because they liked the videos that they saw and they want to see more. Compare your video channel to your favorite TV show- you take time out of your Thursday evening just because you want to see what happens in the next episode. So, set up an uploading schedule and upload new content regularly according to that schedule. Ideally, try uploading a new video once a week.

Pick Your Titles Wisely

When we search for videos, we pick the ones with the most interesting and relevant titles. Thus giving your video a quirky, offbeat name isn’t always the best idea. Your title and video description needs to be clear, concise and SEO friendly. Limit the title of your video to about 65 characters and include your most relevant keyword in this title. Never leave your description blank but write a description that would make you want to watch the video.

Create a Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is the video that plays automatically when viewers open your YouTube channel. This can be anywhere between 30 to 60 seconds long and needs to be attention grabbing and engaging. Remember that a lengthy video can bore your viewers and put off potential subscribers. So, be ruthless when editing and tweak it until you’re sure it’s perfect.


Collaborating with other YouTube video creators benefits both you and the collaborator. Instead of competing with other video producers, reach out to them and try creating a project that both of you could work on together. This gives you access to their audience and gives them access to your audience. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Apart from this, you need to interact with your audience and reward loyal subscribers. The easiest way to do this is by replying to comment threads and hosting giveaways. Whatever you choose to do, stay true to your values, stay patient and stay persistent.