5 Ways to Keep Track of Your EPF Balance

You need to be prepared for your retirement well in advance if you are an employee. To help you make your future secure, Employees Provident Fund Organization or (EPFO) is an important step by the government of India. There are many benefits of having a provident fund and these advantages are known to everyone. Monitoring and keeping track of their provident fund savings is the main concern that many people face. There have been many cases when your employer could be cutting money meant for your provident fund and therefore cheating you. To help you prevent such incidents, it is advisable to keep track of the amount of money your provident should have every month.

Employees Provident Fund Organization has got you covered in all fronts by introducing a variety of methods through which employees can check their PF or Provident Fund quickly and efficiently. You might be aware of some of them and may be ignorant about others. So, read the five ways in which you can save time and also easily check or monitor you’re the savings in your provident fund account quite easily

1. Check It Online Through UAN

A Universal Account Number (UAN) was introduced in the year 2014 by EPFO. They created a portal around the employee’s UAN to help them avail a number of benefits and take advantage of a number of initiatives. On this portal, employees just have to log in with their UAN number and can view their passbook that has all the details about their provident fund savings and also the total balance that has been collected.

There are many other things that employees can view apart from information related to their provident fund. Some of them include their KYC information and many more. You just have to activate your account on this portal using your UAN login to get access to tons of benefits.

2. Check Your Balance Online Without an UAN (Temporary Measure)

If you are waiting your turn to receive your UAN then don’t worry because you can still monitor your provident fund. You just need to know your PF account number and this can be found in your pay slips.

When you have filed in all the necessary details and submitted your form online, you will get an SMS regarding your PF balance. Only use this measure if you don’t have a UAN number because the data might not be updated.

3. Check Via SMS

You can also check your provident fund balance through an SMS and this is extremely simple too! You will just need you activated UAN number. You will need to send an SMS containing the text EPFOHO UAN ENG to 07738299899 to get started. Instead of ENG, you can write the first three letters of any language that you prefer. For example, if you want it your information in Hindi language then send EPFOHO UAN HIN to the designated number.

4. Check It Through a Missed Call

If you are in a hurry to check your provident fund balance online or even send an SMS then nothing can be easier than giving a missed call. To avail this service, you just need to dial 01122901406 and give a missed call to know your current balance. You will still need an active UAN login for this service.

5. Check It Through the Newly Released App

Almost everyone today has a Smartphone and this has made our life simpler in many ways. This is also true if you have to check your Provident Fund balance. You just need to download M-Sewa, the app released by EPFO. There are other details that you can check out like your passbook information etc. You will just require an activated UAN and a registered mobile number to use this app on your Smartphone. If you are yet to activate your UAN account then this app can help!

These were five ways in which you can easily keep a track of your provident savings to make your life easier!