5 Tips to Have Fun and Earn Money in Front of Your PC

Employed or not, having extra money is never a bad thing. Since we spend most of our free time in front of our PC, tablet or smartphone, wouldn’t it be great to earn some money using them? Make yourself some coffee and try the tips you’ll find here. By the time you drink it, you might even make some money. The tips range from demanding and serious to fun and crazy – the choice is all yours.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of earning money from home is freelancing. When you’re self-employed you set your own working hours and choose your workload. What’s more, it appears that being self-employed makes you happier. Tempting, right? The predominant fields which allow freelancing range from writing, translating and illustrating to programming and web design. If you’re persistent enough, you can definitely find something that suits you best.

Survey taking

This can definitely not be your primary source of income, but while you just sit and waste your time why not take an online survey for fun and some profit? Numerous sites pay for you to fill out surveys in order to collect market data. You can choose from taking an opinion poll, reviewing a product or answering questions about shopping habits. Oh, and one friendly advice-just don’t pay any upfront fees or charges of any kind in order to avoid potential scams.


This job requires a pleasant voice, a bubbly personality, and most importantly, the ability to stay composed and not to take anything personally. If this sounds like you, you’re on a good way to earn some money. Many companies hire home-based workers for their cold-calling campaigns. You are paid by the hour, but there is also the possibility to earn incentives and commission based on performance.

Online gambling

If you can’t be bothered to put a lot of effort and do any of these, you can always try your luck. Playing the lottery or scratchcards may still require leaving your house, and since we said earning money from home, there is a perfect alternative – online gambling. Online casinos such as Mr Green’s online casino offer you the possibility to earn money and have fun while staying in the comfort of your own home. The convenience, comfort, and ease of internet gambling doesn’t mean that the risk is less.

Offering creative services

Speaking of fun stuff, you can even sell your services at Fiverr for $5. It may not sound much, but you won’t be doing anything hard anyway. You probably won’t believe what members offer and actually get paid for on this website. Any marketable skill or crazy idea can make you some money. Just to get the gist, earning on Fiverr includes tasks such as recording a video singing some song, recording sentences in a funny accent, prank calling, taking a picture holding a sign, and even psychic readings. The only prerequisite is your creativity.

Have you made your choice yet?