5 reasons why you are always feeling low on energy

Are you always exhausted and lacking energy? Feeling tired is a normal reaction of the body to physical, mental or otherwise stress, but it is not an okay if you are constantly out of energy. It could be saying something about your lifestyle, habits or it might even be a warning sign your body. Here are five things to watch out for which might be responsible for your lack of energy.

Excess carbohydrate in diet

The lack of a proper balanced diet with the consumption of excessive carbohydrates can be responsible for you being tired. When you consume a lot of sugar or processed carbs, it results in a rapid rise in blood sugar which triggers the production of insulin by the pancreas in order to digest the pup the sugar from the blood into the cells, releasing energy and causing a sugar high. This is followed by a rapid fall in sugar level, which leaves you exhausted. Cut down your consumption of sugar, especially after sunset and incorporate more proteins and fibres for better health and energy.

Lack of exercise

Regular working out or even basic active lifestyle accompanied by occasional freehand exercise releases endorphin which are responsible, not only for making you happier but also ensures a proper functioning of the body. It regulates your sleep patterns, helps in better digestion and keeps your entire body healthy, leading to better energy. As you incorporate more exercise in your routine you will see that your entire body’s processes are improved, and soon enough, you will be brimming with energy and regained health.


Excess stress

If you though that your work is making you tired, you might just be right, after all! Your professional or personal life could be directly responsible for your exhausted state. Excessive stress can mess up the entire body’s functioning, including your sleep pattern, digestive system and even mental health, which can be a cause of tiredness and lack of energy. Often bad relationships, financial hardship, loss of a close one or other such personal problems are seen to contribute to a build up of stress, resulting in a lack of motivation and energy.

Irregular sleep

Although it goes unsaid, but lack of a proper sleep schedule can wreck havoc on your body and make you feel constantly tired. Sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea etc or even the lack of proper sleep timings can result in a lack of energy. If you have to work odd shifts, take some medicine like Modalert which will help you regulate your sleep habits. A healthy sleeping pattern is absolutely essential else it will leave your body completely drained and devoid of energy.

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Underlying health conditions

Lack of energy could be a sign of a bigger problem than you can see! It could be the indication and an early warning sign of some serious and even life threatening illness as well. If you feel more tired than you should normally feel, it is a good idea to go for a lifestyle change. If the condition persists, check up with a doctor at the earliest to rule out or detect any lurking illness.

Your health is an investment. Take care of it today, and you will reap the benefits for the rest of our life.