5 Occasions to Drive like a Star

We all deserve a little royalty every once in awhile do we not? Sadly for most of us common citizens out there the luxury of having a limo at our service is not available, but that does not mean you should be devoid of that feeling of specialty on occasions when it is justified. There are services all over the States, like ATL car service, that make it possible for everyone to celebrate that special moment.

This article will identify the five best occasions for which it will not be a bad idea to spend a little extra on a limo service, because that day will indeed go down in your memory as a remembered one.


Your wedding is one occasion which will (and hopefully) not come repeatedly in your life and it falls on you to ensure that you make it as incredible for you and your partner as possible. Wedding funds are usually accumulated keeping in mind the special services the bride and groom are entitled to, which is why the addition to expenses will in most cases be an affordable.

Years later when you look back at your special day with your loved one, you will remember how it all started with a limo.

Senior Prom

The end of senior college year marks that stage of progression where you will set foot in the competitive world and start making a living for yourself. But to mark that transition it is a right to have a night with your college mates that you can always remember.

Senior prom is that very night where you, along with your prom, can feel like the highness of the graduating batch once you enter the party in a limo.

Corporate Success Landmarks

If you are the owner of a business that has recently struck a gold mine and is well on its way on becoming a regional/international phenomenon, and you have reserved a night to celebrate the embankment of your business on that step of success, then a limo is perfectly suited for your entry.

Everyone involved in the meet will have no doubt about the fact that you as the owner are the real VIP around whom this entire night is based on, and your first impression in a limo will be a really classy one.

Birthday Party (Special Age)

There are certain age in average human’s life which marks his/her ascension from one stage to another. These include age 21 (from a dependent to an independent individual), 18 (legible for most guidance requiring things) etc. The celebration of these birthday parties calls for you being treated in a distinct fashion.

The feeling of entering such an important marker in life through a limo will bring an entirely new satisfaction in its own, and if you know such a party is being thrown you should definitely get one hired.


Wedding anniversaries are really important landmarks in the lives of the couple involved because it offers a beautiful glimpse of the past and an insight into the future. Marking this day with a limo is a great step to take because it shows just how important your partner is to you, and will always be to you.