How To Choose The Best Gaming Mouse For Your Computer

With many brands in the market currently, choosing the best gaming mouse isn’t an easy task. There are loads of mice with different features to choose from at fairly competitive prices. The problem is that a mouse that is great for one person won’t be necessarily good to the next person.

If you are wondering how to choose a good mouse for your computer, then here are some of the features that you should consider.

Mouse Build

Mouse build refers to the size, shape and quality of a mouse. Mouse build preferences are unique to each individual because what might feel comfortable for you might actually give another person a crampy feeling.

First you need to consider is your grip style. There are three general types of grip: claw, fingertip and palm. All Pro-gamers fall into one of these grip categories and you just need to evaluate the kind of grip that you prefer.

Size and Material

Size is an important factor because it influences how the mouse will feel in your
hand and some gaming mice are uniquely designed for specific hand sizes. An ideal gaming mouse should occupy about 60 – 75 percent of your hand’s length. The mouse should be light and comfortably fit for easy maneuverability and quick flicks.

A quality mouse is designed with materials that don’t attract dust easily, form sweat or wear-off after a prolonged gaming session. It’s scroll-wheel and buttons should be solid with
very little rattling sounds.


A good gaming mouse has sensors that are able to track both fast and slow movements accurately & responsibly in addition to a 1:1 mouse-cursor relation. Most modern
gaming mice have sensors with great dots-per-inch (DPI) range. Choose mouse which has a sensor with high DPI because the higher the DPI, the more sensitive your mouse will be to movement & the further your cursor will be able to travel.


Although most gamers don’t require excessive amounts of buttons, an ideal gaming mouse should have five buttons: right, left, 2-sides and a scroll-click. Each of the buttons
should be tactile enough to provide the required input response. MOBA players prefer mouse buttons that can be clicked very quickly in order to input as many commands as possible. Most FPS players love buttons with stiffer clicks to help prevent accidental fires with decisive button press. MMO players prefer a mouse which has more macro buttons.

Connectivity and Software

A gaming mouse can either be wireless or wired. Wireless mouse were disregarded in the past because of their slow response time during gaming but the current generation of wireless mice such as Logitech G900 and Razer Mamba have changed people’s perception. They even have detachable USB cables to give the best of both worlds. Wireless mice are great
for reducing the tangle of wires on your desk but they are compromised by their reliance on batteries and low response times. If you really want to get the absolute fastest response then you should stick to a corded mouse.

A good gaming mouse comes with its own PC software as a standalone package or in a suite that is compatible with other gaming gears such as headsets and keyboards. You can use the software to customize each button and set personal DPI options. The button assignments can be set for individual games while customized DPI options will allow you to change the mouse’s sensitivity for a faster or more accurate tracking.

Choosing the best gaming mouse is a process because a lot of factors such as price, sensor, grip, size etc. have to be considered. Overall, the most popular gaming mice that are loved by most gamers are Logitech G403, Razer DeathAdder Elite and Logitech Pro.