5 Best Dating Sites to Suit your Specific Taste

We, humans, are always fussy when it comes to our likes and dislikes, so why shy away from specific tastes when it comes to dating? Different people have different tastes when it comes to dating or finding a life-long serious relationship. Whether it is a certain age, body type, personality trait, race, or other distinctions we lean towards, we all have our preferences. For those with specific romantic inclinations, sifting through broad dating apps that feature a more general population can feel like panning for gold on an expansive beach. It’s time-consuming and bears little fruit. Here, we list the five best dating and relationship sites to suit specific tastes.

1. eHarmony

Are you over 40 and looking for something serious and long-term? eHarmony is the best site to suit your specific needs. It is a top-ranked dating site to provide you a compatible match, complete with a Relationship Questionnaire. The compatibility questions include your preferred social situations, where you want to live, your dream house, whether or not you are a pet person, and many other choices you can select in your search to find a person based on personality and character markers as the main factor for compatibility. You can match by personality type, and find what’s suitable for you for a life partner. It is one of the best online dating platforms for marriage-minded people. The site claims to make a love match every 14 minutes. eHarmony match lets you decide who’s most suitable for you and who isn’t based on its deep-diving qualifying questions. 

2. Lumen

Lumen is specially designed for people who are over 50 and are adventurous. One of the positive aspects of a dating site like Lumen is that it takes the stigma out of dating over fifty because this dating site is designed specifically for your age group. You no longer have to worry about being a certain age and being passed over. Lumen comes with the feel of Tinder, and other popular dating apps, but maintains a higher level of comfort and security for its population of users. It includes at least three photos in each profile along with a detailed bio. Lumen also aims to provide information to spark great conversations between like-minded people of similar interests, making it easy to chat without that dating website awkwardness. You can have a limited number of conversations each day to focus on quality over quantity. It is aimed squarely at adventurous and more tech-savvy singles 50 and over. 

3. Interracial Dating Central

If you find yourself attracted to people of a different race or ethnicity from your own, if you have a specific race in mind for a potential love interest, or if you are simply open to dating all races and ethnicities in your search for a love connection, Interracial Dating Central is the best dating site for you. The interracial online dating platform has millions of users who are open and receptive when it comes to connecting with and dating people of different cultures or races. The best thing about this site is that everyone is on the same page, so it acts as a major pre-qualifier and you can reach out to someone of a different race or ethnicity on the site with ease and comfort. Interracial Dating Central also uses old-school profiles and messaging over swiping, believing that it ultimately weeds out casual serial daters, to make room for deeper connections. 

4. HER

This dating app is exclusively for queer, bisexual, and lesbian women. It is a user-friendly app with some amazing features. HER works hard to ensure that it is a safe platform for its users. It allows you to upload up to four photographs and along with information about yourself to the extent that you want to share with potential dates or partners. HER also gives you the privilege to view profiles of other women who have liked your profile. One of the best things about this dating app is that it also organizes events in different areas so that you can meet other singles in person. All in all, it feels like a safe and welcoming space for women who are looking to make meaningful romantic connections with women. The dating platform also calls itself a “social app,” which takes some of the pressure off and allows women to connect with one another on many different levels from friendship to a potential love connection. HER’s mission statement is safety first and making dating fun. 

5. Veggly

Being plant-based is more than a diet, it is a lifestyle choice and if you are single and vegan, the last thing you want is for your new love interest to suggest the local steakhouse for a first date. If you are a dedicated vegan and looking for someone who is like-minded in their food choices and does no harm to animals lifestyle, Veggly is the dating app for you. Veggly’s tagline is straightforward and to the point: “Vegan and Vegetarian Dating.” What else needs to be said? Self-billed as “the #1 vegan dating app,” you can connect with other singles who eat and think as you do about a plant-based lifestyle, whether it be for health reasons, the environment because you are an animal lover, or all three. The idea behind this app is to bring together people who are vegan and vegetarian, and let’s face it; to create vegan and vegetarian families. When you connect with people on the app, it is called a “Veg Match.”