How to Register a Business Address in Amsterdam?

A company in Amsterdam offers great opportunities for your business. Note that your Dutch business can only be incorporated after having arranged a registered address. When you are searching to register a business address in Amsterdam, the fastest and easiest way is to use the internet. Several office providers can be found that provide attractive shared offices, independent offices, and business addresses in Amsterdam.

You can register a company and set up a registered address in Amsterdam remotely. Neither the shareholder or director has to be present. In cases of private individuals as shareholders, the company formation and registration process can all be arranged via e-mail and online contact.  

Find the Right Provider

After you have made up your mind regarding the type of office services you want, you shall choose a provider. Virtual offices have the advantage of low cost and no long-term contracts. It gives a comfortable feeling that in case your venture will not be a success, you will not end up with rental debts. One other major advantage about providers of business addresses in Amsterdam is that you can easily book meeting rooms in case you wish to hold any meetings with clients or colleagues.

It is advisable to check the standing of the service provider via a check of its Google rating and to call the provider. A rental agreement for a business address will require the completion of a compliance form and can be processed within 24 hours. The lease contract is your proof to the Dutch trade register that your company can be registered at the virtual office address.   

All Inclusive Services

It is important to keep in mind that not all companies offering legal address services are transparent with their pricing. It is recommended that you shall make sure all relevant services and fees that fall under the rental contract are understood. Sometimes virtual address providers charge additional costs for each letter delivered, are there charges for post forwarding per email or is the delivery of packages not accepted. It is recommendable to agree with the registered address provider on a fixed fee.  Many registered address companies can also assist your company with registration in the Netherlands. For new companies, the company formation agent takes care of the registration. Though for an existing company that changes address it is the responsibility of the directors. For these cases, it is convenient to get support with registering the new address with the trade register.

A Perfect Fit for a Trading Company in Amsterdam

If you are interested in setting up a trading business in the Netherlands because of the excellent logistics and VAT regime, your company does not need its own office. The warehouse facilities can be arranged by a third party. You can run a trading business from any country in the world. A virtual office is an ideal fit under these circumstances and the corporate income tax rates in the Netherlands are low. Note that it is important to have a permanent establishment for your trading company in the Netherlands as from the start. Have yourself guided by a professional so that you will smoothly obtain your business VAT and EORI number.   

An Office Address at a Prime Location

A prime office location will give your company a trustworthy and professional appearance. As a starting entrepreneur, you can most often not afford an office at a location of your first choice. Next thereto, real estate in Amsterdam has been soaring in the last decade. A virtual office brings all together. Your business can have a first-class office including modern facilities in the capital of the Netherlands at low cost. 

An extra bonus:  the internet and coffee are free at most registered office locations. What are you waiting for? Arrange a registered address in Amsterdam for your business now.