4 Ways Celebrating Christmas and Social Media Usage Goes Hand in Hand

The way we celebrate the holiday season has changed drastically in recent years, and thanks to big social networks, there are more exciting ways than ever to share Christmas joy with the world.

From sending GIFs to loved ones to posting your Christmas wish list to Santa via Instagram, the social world has changed the way people around the world see the festive season.

In fact, celebrating Christmas and social media use go hand in hand in several ways.

Connecting with Family

Not too long ago, Christmas Day was accompanied with letters and gifts sent weeks in advance from distant family members spread out over the world.

Now, families and friends can connect in real time. Thanks to Facebook messenger and live video streaming, all you need to feel like your family is there with you on Christmas is an internet connection and your phone.

Plus, you can tag all your long-lost relatives in pictures to make sure nobody misses whatever you are doing over the holidays.

While there are numerous brands using this feature to market their products, Facebook has allowed friends and family to keep in touch, and for many people, it’s the only way they can.

Showing Off Gifts

Going on any social network around Christmas is a chance to see what people are spoiling their nearest and dearest with. And if you’ve been given an out-of-this world gift, you’re probably going to turn to a platform like Instagram to show it off to your followers.

Following in the footsteps of famous celebrity Christmas posts is a temptation that a lot of people just can’t resist.

Last-minute Shopping

Social media isn’t just for spreading Christmas cheer. Many brands have great sales that run over the holidays, and they promote them on their social media channels. In fact, social media is often home to exclusive deals, so if you’re looking for cool Christmas gifts, then get online before you decide to spend hours in a crowded mall.

Platforms like Twitter are also great for real-time updates about sales, new releases, and trending gift ideas.

Product Reviews

Picking the perfect gift is a lot easier thanks to social media. Apart from branded reviews, you can also connect with people to get their honest opinion on a product before you jump in and spend that Christmas bonus.

If you can’t find a review on an item you’re looking for, just post a picture, and ask people for advice. If you’re on Twitter, using #Twoogle is an absolute must if you want honest feedback.

Celebrating Together

As much as social media has brought convenient Christmas shopping to our doorsteps, it has also changed the way we celebrate. Whether you want to buy Instagram followers or just share a cute update for your family, staying connected to the people we love during the holidays is a lot easier with social networks, and is becoming an important Christmas tradition for a whole generation of tech-savvy people.