4 Instagress Alternatives to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagress was a darling among social media marketers. The platform automated some parts of managing Instagram, which helped users to increase post engagement and follower count. Unfortunately, Instagress was created in such a way that it violated Instagram’s terms of service. As a result, the platform was forced to close in April 2017.

Ever since Instagress closed its doors, social media marketers and influencers have been searching for a tool to automate Instagram outreach. This article reviews 4 alternatives to Instagress that offer users the ability to quickly build a loyal Instagram following.

When doing research for Instagress alternatives, be sure to determine if the platform is approved by Instagram. Some platforms on the list indicate that they have Instagram’s permission to automate certain interactions, which is a sign that the tool will be around in the long run.

1. SocialDrift

SocialDrift uses machine learning to automate Instagram outreach. Using the intuitive platform, customers target Instagram users by location, hashtag use or follower type. They then select the type of interaction they would like to automate. Among the options are likes, comments and follows.

Once set up, SocialDrift uses machine learning to automate various types of outreach, but only when it is likely to make the biggest impact on key metrics, such as follower growth. SocialDrift features a dashboard that makes it easy for customers to determine what impact the tool has had on follower growth and engagement.

2. ViralUpgrade

ViralUpgrade is a recognized Instagram growth service that helps thousands of influencers, brands and other agencies scale their social presence. Their onboarding process is extremely smooth–you simply provide them with details such as the hashtags, locations, gender and users you’d like to target.

Your personalized account manager will then help you set up a number of advanced (and extremely powerful) audience filters that can target a specific audience. Every week, your account manager will send you detailed growth reports that allow you to visualize the power of your Instagram growth.

3. Popamatic

The theory behind outbound audience outreach is that meaningful interactions like following someone’s profile will motivate the audience members to view your own Instagram profile. In many instances, audience members will even follow the profile back. Once this happens, they will be exposed to the brand’s content and a further relationship can develop as a result.

Rather than rely on machine-learning algorithms to automate Instagram engagement, Popamatic relies on good old-fashioned humans. Customers simply select the type of Instagram user they want to target, and an army of “Popamatic Assistants” engages with users on your behalf. Because a human is at the wheel, the interaction offers members of the target audience a more authentic interaction.

4. Kickstagram

How did a relatively small speaker manufacturer in Brooklyn, New York, amass nearly 13,000 followers with a limited budget? They used Kickstagram. The platform uses automation to engage with members of your target audience by liking, commenting on and following Instagram profiles.

To get started, customers provide Kickstagram with 2 methods of targeting prospective followers. Customers can share target hashtags that members of the target audience often use, or they can select target accounts that prospects might be following. For example, Kickstagram can target anyone following a particular brand.


There are currently approximately 800 million Instagram users, and approximately 50 percent of users follow at least one brand on the platform. Thus, there are roughly 400 million engaged social media users, which presents social media marketers with a tremendous opportunity to build a brand. The best way to get started is by quickly growing Instagram followers. More followers will mean more post engagement, which will help to position your account as a must-follow profile.

Furthermore, Instagram content with higher engagement tends to have improved placement on Instagram feeds and may even warrant exposure on the Instagram Explore tab.

To grow followers quickly, readers should consider using one of the 4 Instagress alternatives outlined in this article. Large brands have the capital to hire a team of in-house Instagram marketers, and can invest heavily in sponsored content. Automating user engagement using highly targeted campaigns offers startups the ability to compete with larger brands, thus leveling the playing field.