Are Schools Missing the Tech Revolution?

Schools and classrooms are here to stay but we might be able to make learning a more pleasant and interactive experience, getting kids to look forward to a day at school.

There is one thing kids of all ages can not live without and that is their mobile digital companion. They know the lyrics to every top ten hit, they know the exact biography of the whole Kardashian family and can name all the cast members of their favorite TV series including all the relationships they have had in the past ten years. But if you ask them to show you country X on a map or tell you who Pythagoras was, they will most probably ask if your internet connection is not working, why else would you ask?

Technology is advancing fast and the gadgets at home are getting more sophisticated everyday. Virtual reality is mainstream and augmented reality is not far behind but most schools are still using printed books and blackboards, and then they are surprised that kids prefer to dab at their smartphones instead of paying attention to what is being scratched on a blackboard.

With superheroes and mutants impressively defying the laws of physics and all kinds of aliens, good and bad, zapping through the universe. It is hard to convince a kid to learn about gravity when he hardly believes it exists and learning the basics of mathematics seems as useless as learning how to write with a pen, you most probably will never use any of them anyway.

Hopefully officials will adapt to these rapidly changing times and integrate the technology that we all use at home and at work in our schools. Below is an infographic that shows what the classroom of the future could or should look like.

Provided by Hope Education