IBM’s Ross, Talk About Soulless Lawyers

The future of the legal system is here, and people are fondly calling it ‘Ross’.

Ross is an artificially intelligent attorney, which will help it’s employer go through copious amounts of legal research, according to it’s website. Tons of research and paperwork that are usually assigned to those at the “lowest rung” at law firms, can now be taken care of by Ross, a Quartz report said.

The Ross platform, is built upon IBM’s Watson technology. This technology is a cognitive system that can break down large amounts of unstructured data, according to the website.

Last week, Ross found its “first client” according to a CNBC report. BakerHostetler, an American law firm has hired this Artificial Intelligence (AI) attorney.

Bob Craig, Chief Information Officer, BakerHostetler.

The AI won’t be used in the courtroom, but it could be a key resource for lawyers preparing for litigation.

According to the CNBC report, Ross’ language processing capabilities should allow it to respond to specific questions posed by lawyers, about particular laws or cases. The system has the intelligence to curate insight from the material it has processed.

The report also added that Ross improves with more frequent use, not unlike the human brain.

This handy video by IBM explains the technology that has created Ross.