10 surprising Marriage tips from a divorce lawyer

Marriages are the best thing that can happen in a human life and one of the worst things is divorce. The number of divorces is increasing because people are being less tolerant. They just want to get rid of the relationship if they feel it cannot make them happy. But according to a divorce lawyer, who experiences breakups first hand, marriage is not only about love. Sometimes it could be trust issues, lack of respect, cheating or incompatibility. You can read some encouraging bible verses about love and marriage over at fogut.com.

The reasons for divorce are many but let us see what divorce lawyers have to say about marriage.

Be patient

Understand that both of you are of different characters. Be aware of it and try to understand others character. Marriage is not only about live but also tolerance. Be patient and respect your partner. Accept his/her flaws and try to find the positiveness in them. Give your relationship some time so that both partners will get to know flaws of others and try to behave accordingly. Don’t try to change any characters of your partner because this is main reason where most of the marriages fails. Accept him/her as who he/she is and live your life happily.

Give space to your partner

Everyone wants to spend time with their partner after marriage. But it will start o get boring after some years. Then they need to go somewhere else to find new excitements. Then the fight will start and new problem arises. For people who want to marry this is a good tip. Both are different individuals with various commitments. Don’t compel to do anything for your love. Spend time with friends and family equally. Then there will not be any issues. To keep the charm in your life you can try to ask her some would you rather questions also to play an interesting game.

Share equal responsibility

There is not any rule that only women/ man should do a particular job. Now everyone is working couples and they should share their home responsibility equally. Men should not think that long after the home and everything is the responsibility of a women. Both should share works equally. It is very important for a long happy married life.

Appreciate your partner

This is the main thing every couple will forget about. Appreciation has got an important place in marriage life. If your coupe done something good then be sure to appreciate him/her. Give surprises and excitements. That gives a new life to your marriage. Without all of them married life is nothing.

Go for vacations once in a year

Changing the atmosphere is very good to sustain a happy married life. Meeting new people and seeing new things will make you think positive and can bring new changes. Take your family for vacations and make her think that you value her above everything else. Don’t work the whole day find time for outings and entertainment once in a week. Making money is not enough for a happy life. A happy married life can bring you more success in your career also.

No secrets

This is the primary rule of a happy married life. Don’t hide anything from your partner. Share your happiness, sadness, problems and anything related to our life with your partner. By sharing there will no be any chance of doubt you on something. Even your financial assets and responsibilities should be revealed and involve your partner in all important decision making in your life. This creates a good companionship between both you.

Listen your partner

Be patient and listen to your partner. It is very good to discuss everything and hear what you partner have to say about. Don’t jump into conclusion without hearing anything. Let your partner complete what he/she have to say and then you can give your opinion about that. This is very important for a healthy marriage relationship.

Don’t doubt

Many couple comes to me for divorce and the reason behind it is doubting partner. In a relationship don’t hide anything. Also, be sure not to doubt your partner unnecessarily. Checking messages and mails are not ethical. It shows that you don’t trust him/her. Give private space to your partner and don’t be a spy in your relationship.

Talk about every problem

If any problem occurs in your relationship don’t go forward without sorting it out. If you committed anything wrong then tell your partner about that. You can say sorry and give promise that you won’t repeat that mistake again. Send her motivational life quotes when she feel low. Sort it out and go forward.

Go to a counselor without delay if any problem occurs

It is better not to delay to meet with a marriage counselor if you actually cannot handle the issue. They are trained people who can handle all your problems. They have solution to every problem and help you to understand what mistake you made. If both can understand well then it will help to save the marriage. It is useless to approach a counselor after filing a divorce petition. ‘Better late than never. Some high quality motivational life quotes to read to make a marriage relationship better: https://fogut.com/life-quotes-sayings/