Preparations you need to undertake before selling your laptop.

Everyone, at some point in their lives, may feel the need to upgrade their appliances and gadgets. Not because the older one has experienced some malfunctions but it could be you just need better performance depending on how you are using it. For many people buying laptops, they choose to sell the older one as they will no longer be using it as much as before. Laptops carry a lot of data and there are a number of people who are not really ready to let go. Some data is confidential and selling the laptop may somehow expose what you do not want to share with anyone. In order to eliminate this worry about the loss of data or exposure, the following are some of the most important preparations that you should take before you sell your laptop.

Ensure that all the important and private data is backed up.

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of private and important files in everyone’s laptop. Before you sell your laptop, you need to back up all your data in advance. There are various ways of backing up data. For instance, you can copy and paste to the destination storage f the files are not large. But if they are too large, there are software tools available that you can use to safely back up your data. If you are unsure of what tools to use, there are various resources online that can help you in settling for the right tools.

Once the data is backed up, you can now sell your laptop without the worry of loss of data.

Ensure that you clear your laptop before selling it.

Once the data is backed up as per clause (1) above, you need to clear all private and important files because you would definitely not want to get exposed to the new laptop owner. To ensure that the data you cleared is not recoverable, you need to wipe the computer hard drive. To successfully do this, you need to overwrite the original data. This eliminates any chances of recovering overwritten files. To permanently clear the computer data quickly, you can use MiniTool partition wizard software that is great for clearing your laptop but it does not back up data.

Installation of new windows to improve the performance of your laptop.

Once you confirm that all the important data is erased, the next step is to install new windows to ensure that the laptops are performing at their best. There are various ways that can install windows such as from USB, flash disk, CD/DVD or a hard disk. Once the windows are installed, you can make other important settings.

There is need to speed up your computer to a good price.

There are laptop buyers willing to pay a higher price for a second-hand laptop is they have good performance. Installation of the new operating system can help in speeding up your laptop but if you do not want this option, you can speed up your laptop in two main ways.

First, you can reset your laptop to ensure that all personal stuff, settings, and apps are deleted. The only thing that will remain is the apps that came with the laptop. This ensures that your laptop runs fast.

The other option is to align boot partition to get a correct4K alignment. This should be the case if your laptop is configured with SSD. If the users have done operations, e.g. change of partition size or location, they might get misaligned. Before disposing of your laptop, you need counter check and ensure that the partitions are well aligned.

Once you are done with the above steps, you need to clean your laptop to make it newer.