10 Natural Remedies for Social Anxiety

Although there are tons of prescription drugs available for the treatment of social anxiety, there are alternatives that can work just as effectively as well without fear of any harmful side effects. To begin with, here are some natural remedies you can immediately start with:

Mindfulness meditation.

Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can help in managing the symptoms of social anxiety. When you meditate, the brain’s neural pathways are utilized, which in turn, calms down the nervous system. When this happens, there is an awareness to your thoughts and emotions, which helps you deal better with the environment you’re in. You can then manage social anxiety symptoms and take control of your body’s usual fight or flight response.

Learn to relax.

Whether it’s by guided relaxation techniques as the one discussed above or just simply taking some time off during the day to do some breathing exercises or take a leisurely walk, relaxing immensely helps reduce the associated overwhelming feeling during anxiety attacks.


In aromatherapy, the lavender essential oil soothes the mind and body, and it is highly recommended as a relaxant. This is also another reason why it comes highly recommended to put lavender essential oil in the bedside because the aroma of this herb itself can soothe both the body and mind of even the most nervous of individuals.

Take a GABA supplement.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid regulates brain activity and is naturally produced in the body. Taking a GABA supplement boosts the GABA activity in the brain, which in turn alleviates stress. Since GABA also relaxes the muscles and induces sleep, you feel more relaxed. Just make sure you order from a trusted vendor that only sells high-quality supplements. There are many online shops where you can buy GABA supplement to ensure that you only buy high-quality.

Get enough exercise.

Ever notice how you feel great after exercising? This is because as you exercise, the body naturally produces endorphins. As you exercise, your endorphin levels are always up and your mood too. In turn, stress is reduced, depression is avoided, a boost in self-confidence is seen, and an even better quality of sleep. It’s a fact that depression is one of the symptoms of social anxiety, and countering it can significantly help with your anxiety.


The various active compounds found in chamomile is seen to aid in the better regulation of the body’s response to anxiety. It has properties that calms the mind and soothes the nerves, plus it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Arctic Root.

In several studies, Artic Root (Rhodiola rosea) is seen to not only lower anxiety levels but also a boost in mood. Its active compounds control cortisol, the stress hormone. In turn, Arctic root soothes your mind and can be attributed to emotional stability. Compared to other supplements, Arctic root is energizing rather than inducing drowsiness.

Go for a healthy diet.

A healthy diet can go a long way in helping you combat the symptoms of social anxiety. Make a food list good for your anxiety and then avoid those that can exacerbate your symptoms. Of particular note to avoid are caffeine-rich foods, processed foods, and refined carbs and sugars because it can increase the severity of anxiety. Instead, eat foods rich in vitamin B, protein, and antioxidants.

Cognitive behavioral therapy.

One of the most recommended therapies as an alternative to medications, cognitive behavioral therapy uses various cognitive and behavioral techniques to help overcome your anxiety. With the help of a therapist, you will be encouraged to talk about your fears and insecurities, going into the root cause of your social anxiety, and from there, coming up with strategies that can improve your quality of life.

Think positive.

With all the remedies enumerated above, changing your outlook in life is still a vital facet to the improvement of your social anxiety. Learn to think positively because this will significantly alter your entire perspective and your mood and well-being. Practice positive thinking habits and positive affirmations step by step.

Note that the natural remedies enumerated above do not work on all individuals. Know that there is no single perfect method or remedy that works for each individual. However, having a number of options and trying what works in your case is a good head start to slowly yet successfully overcome your social anxiety.