Tiny Mini car is compact, runs 94 MPG

The Mini brand has attracted consumers for years because of its compact yet stylish cars, and their consistently high fuel efficiency. The latest model, set to debut at an upcoming auto show, hits both of those points even further than previous models.

The “Rocketman” is just a concept for now, but it’s a foot shorter than the current Mini coupe line, making it a very compact 11 feet long. It’s also about six feet side and four and a half feet tall.

It also looks cool. There are large circular headlights, which the Mini has become famous for. The doors are double-hinged, allowing easier access to the small cabin, and lights for brakes/turn signals are attached to the car externally, making them stand out more.

The glass roof is fully illuminated, making it stand out from the rest of the boring cars on the street. And the speedometer on the dash actually has a 3D display.

Right now, it’s just a concept. But it’s a concept we desperately want.