Twitter PR chief unfollows journalist after unflattering article

Twitter PR chief Sean Garrett has unceremoniously “unfollowed” a San Francisco-based journalist for publishing a series of unflattering articles about the popular social networking site.

As TG Daily recently reported, Tom Foremski criticized Twitter for demanding a tax break from the city of San Francisco, while threatening to move to Brisbane if its demands weren’t met.  

“Twitter is a company that loves to tout its commitment to social responsibility but clearly this is just public relations chatter,” Formeski wrote on February 9.

“When it comes to paying its local taxes, which goes to support San Francisco local community services and infrastructure, it wants to take away community resources.”

Unsurprisingly, Foremski termed Garrett’s decision to unfollow him a “lame response” to an important local story. 

“I’m sure Mr Garrett has unfollowed others who have been critical of Twitter,” said Foremski.

“What a great response to dealing with unpleasant news – stick your head in the sand. If you can’t see it it doesn’t exist.”

Clearly, hell hath no fury like a Twitter scorned.