How a Proper Office Infrastructure Can Be Your Best Marketing Campaign

There are many elements that can shape the outcome of a successful marketing campaign for any kind of organization; although, a certain number of factors prove to be common for guaranteeing such scenario, starting from quality Customer Service to constant improvement, and most importantly the amount of comfort we build up for the area in which we interact with our clients. For e-shops, this can be managed by creating a friendly website layout, with many plugins to improve not only site performance but also for putting everything at a handy-distance for our potential customers; but what happens with physical stores?

The success rate of a physical store depends on many variables:

• Location


• Services provided

Customer Service

• “Trendiness”

What is exactly “trendiness”? We use this term to define a fashionable place for a certain target group – usually sorted by age – trend that obviously will run out over time, but we ought to take the most of it as long as it lasts.

Variables in Which We Need to Influence

Location is a factor that defines everything in what means to be the outcome of our business. Being close-by to downtown, or to areas of particular interest to the common public is a helpful tactic to count with; although we need to measure the rental fees as such places prove to be way more expensive than those located on the outskirts of a city – not something that most emerging companies can afford.

Office equipment is another aspect we need to consider. The reason for this isn’t just because of the comfort you can provide for your team, but also for the company image and comfort you give to your clients. Start by making a list of all the resources your office should count with, like coffee machines for clients, TVs, magazines subscriptions, fancy furniture, etc. Then, trace a strategy in which you can either invest in all these elements at the moment of setting up your office (at the expense of other, non-essential expenses), or just giving yourself enough time to renew your office once your budget allows it, but without changing your institutional image – that tends to send the wrong message.

Also, do check if mobile services coverage works as expected inside your office building. Crowded urban areas tend to have inconveniences among mobile services carriers, as signal strength can be altered due to:

• Building system (thick walls with multiple layers of different materials work as insulating for not just climate factors but also for sound waves and any other electromagnetic spectrum).

• Overlapping frequencies (Wi-Fi signals, microwaves – particularly in those areas close-by to restaurants and cafés, but also at your same building)

• Antennas close-by

Nothing can be more frustrating for a client than needing to go outside your office (especially if you happen to be located in an office building) for making a phone call or checking incoming emails. Do acknowledge the need of providing free Wi-Fi services for your customers, as is a comfortable way of handling queue time when needed. More information on this regard can be seen in this Infographic courtesy of

Office Layout and Propaganda

How does a place become trendy? That’s the first question we should ask ourselves. The essential aspect of being a fashionable place is to build up a cozy office space that proves to be “different”, not just your average office with ugly, uncomfortable chairs and a countertop to help customers but how about putting up a place that features comfortable couches – best if they happen to be designer-line in bold colors – a good color scheme that creates a sharp contrast with the furniture. In a few words: a place that invites to stay.

If you manage to convey all these elements under the same roof in which your office operates, then take for granted that you can catch the interest of casual buyers. And, once again, referrals do all the job for us if we consider customer service as the prime value of our brand.

Put all these tactics into practice today for gearing up your path to commercial success!