Plasma TV, GPS, DirecTV engineers inducted to hall of fame

The inventors of modern-day GPS and an inventor credited with paving the path for plasma TV technology are among the 2010 inductees to the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced the inductees today, which range in categories from founders and inventors to retailers and marketing executives.

The most noteworthy additions are Dr. Ivan Getting (pictured) and Dr. Bradford Parkinson, who are jointly credited with inventing today’s GPS technology. Getting envisioned the idea while Parkinson was the one who actually materialized it.

Other inductees include Dr. Larry Weber, a man who put his foot in the door to create plasma TVs, and Dr. Lauren Christopher who was in charge of developing DirecTV’s satellite receiver system.

Former executives from Panasonic, RCA, Philips, and J&R, as well as an ex-VP for the CEA, are also part of this year’s inductees.

The CEA, which is most well-known as the organizer of the annual CES trade show, created the CE Hall of Fame in 2000. Since then, visionaries like Hewlett and David Packard, Nolan Bushnell, and Steve Wozniak have been honored with the Hall of Fame designation.