EA claims Crysis 2 will be a "Halo Killer"

No, he didn’t! An EA spokesperson has claimed that the long-awaited Crysis 2 will be a “Halo Killer.”

“We were trying to craft a Halo-killer, you know a product that would squarely go after what Bungie built with our partners at Crytek. So the Crysis 2 product is spectacular, very high-end, and is going to be a multi-year franchise,” EA Games label president Frank Gibeau told Industry Gamers.

“When you look at Crytek, DICE, Epic, the LA team building MoH, and then Respawn, you know we got a pretty damn killer team…There’s not a lot of opening positions left on that roster and so that was definitely something that played into how we’ve looked at opportunities out there. [So], we’re very pleased and confident with what we got and the franchises in our portfolio.”

Meanwhile, James Brightman of Industry Gamers noted that Crysis was “considered by many” to be the “pinnacle” of PC shooters – at least in terms of visual performance.

“[However], a number of gamers would argue that Bungie’s Halo franchise set the standard for first-person shooters on consoles when it first arrived on Xbox back in 2001,” wrote Brightman.

“With Crytek bringing Crysis 2 to Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year, EA is confident it can dethrone Halo in the realm of console shooters. That’s quite a statement since Halo: Reach is launching later this year too and will be in direct competition with other shooters like Crysis 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops.”